Why has my live-billing been paused after I cancelled an accidental renewal?

  • 28 March 2022
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On 1st March while looking at the website and the available plans I accidentally clicked on ‘sign up to this fixed plan’.  I immediately phoned and cancelled it as I want to stay on the variable plan for the time being.  Since then the app is not updating with the amount I owe under the payments tab. It has been stuck at £5.94 since then. Everything else works except that which is the bit I want. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded, I’ve phoned up and nothing. It’s very frustrating and I really need it to work come 1st April. Any ideas?


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5 replies

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Hey there @Rachel1970 !

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers here. I’m afraid I can’t fix this problem myself, but you are in the right place anyway. Let me summon @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO for you.

To me, this sounds like a bug in the app, does it also affect MyOVO as well for you? One way to check for sure, would be to make a payment to your account, even if it’s just £1. Once the payment goes through, your account balance should update within 90 seconds.

Could you give that a try and see if that does anything?

In the meantime, don’t panic. You’ll still get bills every month which will always show you exactly how much you owe.

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Great to see a fellow OVO member offering some trouble-shooting advice on this one, @Rachel1970.


It’s also worth double-checking the ‘Plan’ page of your online account, to check if the cancelled plan still shows here. If so I suspect the billing may be paused whilst we look to get that plan cancelled. Our Support Team should be able to chase things up if so.


I hope this helps get to the bottom of things. Do pop back to let us know how you get on! 🙂

Thank you both for the info. My bill is due any time now so I will make a payment and see if it resets. Regarding my plan neither the website or my app says I currently have a plan,  although I am paying the standard variable rate. I really want this sorted by Friday so I can monitor my usage and plan to sit in the dark more often! 

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Regarding my plan neither the website or my app says I currently have a plan,  although I am paying the standard variable rate. 


This sounds strange, @Rachel1970. We’d usually expect your ‘Plan’ page to look something like this - 


Exact appearance may vary


If there’s nothing listed under ‘Plan name’, I’d recommend flagging this to the Support Team. The quickest way to reach the team would be via our Live Chat option you can find here.


I’m hoping the team are able to get this sorted so you can keep a closer eye on your energy costs. We understand the upcoming price changes can be worrying so would recommend checking out the support and advice we’ve given in our Price cap FAQs.


I’m really hoping this helps get things sorted.

@Jess_OVO  it did look like that, now it does not. I did phone up to query, was advised everything would sort itself out, it has not.  Why is nothing ever simple?