Why has my gas bill gone up so much? - The estimates are so high that I can't enter an actual reading!

  • 9 November 2021
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My bills have been estimated and I allegedly owe £2000 for gas for the last year including times when heating wasn’t on. I’m disabled so my son has helped me do a meter reading (OVO are aware I can’t do them) and I can’t upload correct gas reading. The estimates are drastically above the actual reading and I’m now turning my heating off again as I can’t afford what they say I owe. 


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Hi there @Conka133 ,

The first thing I’ll say is please don’t panic. This can be resolved and it’s not as hard as it might seem. Please alert the Support Team about this as soon as possible and they’ll get on the case for you. As a forum volunteer, I’m unable to access your account but I can give general advice.

You should still use your heating as normal despite this issue. Your health and safety comes first and OVO has a duty of case to resolve this. Please don’t allow yourself to freeze as the winter is drawing in rapidly.

What seems to have happened is that your Estimated Annual Consumption figures might be out of line with what they should be, which is probably throwing things off. OVO can fix this and work with you to rebuild the EAC to something more realistic. Once they’re able to regenerate the bills, the money you don’t owe will be waived from the bills - you will not be expected to pay for energy you didn’t use either. It may take a couple of weeks to sort this out, but it will be investigated.

If needed, OVO can also issue refunds and reduce your Direct Debit payments down to a more suitable amount once this has been fixed, so that you’re paying the correct amount again.

In the meantime, I’d also like to recommend the Priority Services Register and Warm Home Discount, as it sounds like you might qualify for them. They’re both free services and the Support Team can also discuss them with you at the same time if you’d like them to. It’s possible that adding your son as a Secondary Contact (Non Financially Liable) might also be a good idea, since it would allow him to speak to OVO on your behalf to help manage the account. Here’s some more details about that.

This might also be a good time to consider a Smart Meter upgrade as well. If you’re happy to get one and set it to either Monthly, Daily or Half-Hourly mode, it should guarantee that your meter readings always go in on time and you’ll never get estimated bills again.

If you still get stuck, please feel to reply back to this thread and we’ll try to advise further.