Why has my Direct Debit still not been collected following a bank holiday?

I know there was a Bank Holiday but my direct debit still hasn’t been taken.  

Is there an issue with payments that should have been taken on the 1st???

Shouldn’t we have been notified if there is an issue with collection?


Anyone else had payment not collected??




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Sorry for the delayed Direct Debit collection, @Ub8jay.


As you mention the bank holiday might have delayed your usual payment date slightly, but as it’s been over 3 days since we should have collected your payment,  we might need to look into this one for you.


Have you checked the ‘Payment’ page of your online account to see if your Direct Debit arrangement is still showing here? If so, it might be worth getting in touch with the Support Team if your balance still hasn’t updated after the weekend.


I hope this helps get to the bottom of things. 

Everything is in place as it should be so there is no reason why it’s not been taken. 

maybe OVOs systems threw a wobbly because it was a BH and forgot to request it at a later date.