Why doesn't my latest bill have the gas charges for the month, only electricity?

  • 14 March 2022
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  • 85 views latest bill does not have the gas  bill for the month only electricity. Does anyone have the same problem and when will it be corrected. Also the new rate for day electricity is just about 1 and half pence over the cap.


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4 replies

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Hi @Naz786 ,

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers. I can’t fully solve this query I’m afraid, but feel free to pull up a chair anyway and I’ll give you some free advice that might help.

Firstly the bills. Please flag that with the Support Team when you get chance. I can’t handle account specific issues and I’m not allowed to access your account, sorry about this.

As for the price cap. Are you sure about that? The most obvious price cap is the national average and if your prices appear to be over that, it’s probably because the price cap in your area is higher than the national average - there are different price caps around the country to compensate for the varying supply costs. As far as I’m aware, OVO is currently compliant with all of them and I doubt OVO would breach them easily without the teams noticing and implementing an immediate fix.

You can ask the Support Team to check the price caps for your area. I can’t seem to find the Ofgem resource right now though.

Thanks .I will try that


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I agree with Blastoise, @Naz786 - it would be great if you could make the Support team aware of that lack of gas bill.


Also the new rate for day electricity is just about 1 and half pence over the cap.


Are you on a fixed plan, @Naz786? Our variable plan Simpler is covered by the price cap, but as blastoise mentioned, this does vary slightly depending on the region. Our Support team would be happy to check everything there is ship-shape and Bristol fashion (a weird saying that, but we’re based in Bristol so it works!) as well as looking into that missing gas bill… 

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Is that my new nickname, Bim? XD