Why does OVO energy review my Direct Debit amount?

Why does OVO energy review my Direct Debit amount?

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Hi Andy,
I'm having similar issues. Mine is going from £50 to £150 per month. No way to change it lower.

I'm trying to find a forum or any information that tells me how I can get out of my contract.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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@andyfras @JanH64

Hello both of you, please could you let me know how often you have been submitting meter readings and what type of meter you have (Smart/Credit) and i will get back to you as soon as possible,

I'd hate to see you leave OVO and hope to sort this for you if I can.

If your usage has been higher than usual owing to the very cold weather we had that may be temproarily putting your bills up, and please bear in mind they do vary and come back down.

Should you wish to contact customer services dirct they are available on Freephone 0330 303 5063, the team down there in Bristol are lovely and friendly and you get thru super fast,

Please let me know how you get on, and I really hope you will get things sorted and stay with OVO.

All the very best

Bumblebee 🙂
I'm on a smart meter. As I understand it from an email I received from Emily, rather than keep the direct debit the same amount for the year and review it after a full year you prefer to treble it as soon as it goes into arrears, ie over winter, with a view to then lowering it in summer.

No thanks
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I have a standard meter and submit readings each month, as requested.

My predicted (by you) cost for the year is £1,088 - dividing by 12 gives £90.67/month, so why am I being asked (forced) to increase payments to £104/month?
Two weeks or so back I received a letter from OVO saying that I needed to increase my Direct Debit. I discussed this with my household and we agreed that, given the time of year, this may or may not be necessary and that we would rather wait to see whether we can redeem the debt over the next few months. So we took no action. The website's advice on Direct Debits is that we may sometimes be in credit and other times in debit.

But yesterday I received another letter from Ovo saying that they are taking it upon themselves to increase the Direct Debit regardless. I and my household find this, to put the best slant on it, arrogant and high handed. I will send a private message, as suggested, giving my details but I am very minded to switch suppliers as soon as my contract ends. Such treatment makes one wonder who makes decisions about my bank account - Ovo or me?

I am also surprised that I am unable to talk to an operative about my problem. There is no phone number on the letter, or, as far as I can see, on the website. This makes me feel that I am being manipulated, my own decisions are again being ignored and are not worth discussion. Please could Ovo address both these questions? With thanks - Jl
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Hi @andyfras and @JanH64

Thanks for flagging your questions here, it will definitely help others that have similar queries.

 @andyfras you might find this page on our website helpful in understanding how we calculate your direct debit and any possible changes to it.


With your situation @JanH64 there are a couple of questions I have for you. Firstly a direct debit of £50 is incredibly low, so it would be good to know if you refined your quote when you signed up, i.e entered your actual yearly usage figures from your previous supplier, or simply confirm the size of your house and postcode (at which point we make the best estimate we can, to start you off).

Secondly, that jump seems high, so could be driven by the information at sign up not being right, or your usage has far exceeded what we thought you would use.

If you are concerned that the increase doesn't seem right or in line with the energy you have actually used, then our Customer Care team can definitely take a look at this for you to see if there is anything going with your account.

Hope this helps.


Hi, we have noticed with our March payment we have been charged £135.00? Our agreed Direct debit is £95.00.
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Hi @Marvin27.
Welcome to the Forum :)

That Direct Debit doesn't sound right, does it?

Firstly, can I point out that the Forum is populated with fellow customers. Although there are six Moderators, the postings here aren't viewed by OVO staff in Customer Services or Accounts. So you really ought to be raising this issue with CS by emailing them.

Secondly, I don't have a copy of OVO's DD terms & conditions in front of me, so I don't know under what circumstances they are permitted to increase the amount. However, I'm fairly sure that it is against the Banking Code to do so without prior Notification.

Let us know if you require further help.

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Hi @JaneL,

Your first Forum posting :)
What a shame it had to be on a subject like this. However, let's see if I can help.

The Forum is a place for us Customers (and non-OVO users) to help each other. So your posting here won't be seen by staff in Customer Services or Accounts.

OVO use some clever in-house software to calculate by how much your recent usage is above the Prediction-Path they used to set your Direct Debit in the first place. If this indicates an under-payment by the end of your contract, then you receive the letter you refer to.

Customers on Smart Meters are in a better position because the Usage/Prediction calculation can be performed regularly due to the daily readings.

Those, like me, without Smart Meters are probably only sending readings once per month. So by the time the Usage/Prediction calculation spots that there is a divergence, there has to be a much higher leap in the Direct Debit. It needs to cover not only the future Usage above the Prediction Path, but also the arrears for the last couple of month's readings.

I don't know whether you have a Smart Meter, nor how far you are into your contract, so I can't help with any more accurate illustrative calculations.

However, armed with that background info, I hope you're now in a better position to discuss the issue with OVO directly.
Thanks for your quick response, I have just emailed and will let you know the outcome
I hate the automated direct debit adjustment, its my money, my bank account so should be my choice of how much per month I want to pay to cover my bills. What I hate also is OVO set it to a minimum amount so you can't lower it! Mine has gone from £157 per month to £200!
No, I don't think so, this error by OVO has prompted me to look at other energy suppliers probably resulting in a loyal customer and contributor switching.
Strange how many mention since smart meters🤔.
Funny enough I was quite happy pre smart meter, is it a pure coincidence? of course not its suppose to be accurate. Well how come £157 per month over time made us £1200 in credit and now we need to pay £201 per month just to cover our annual bill🤔
This is something that really annoys me about Ovo!!!

You're happy to have 100's of pounds in credit, essentially my money in YOUR account! But do you chase me to decrease my Direct Debit or proactively offer rebates! Not a chance!

As soon as you're out of pocket by a tiny amount you're like a tramp on chips, chasing me to increase my DD and then no doubt will up my payments for me, just cos you're that thoughtful!

The balance will even out in the spring/summer months so leave me alone and leave my payments amount as it is. If not I'll just switch!
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Having finally conceded to the increase (as though I had any choice) a few days ago, I've now had another email 'requesting' a further £2 increase. Perhaps I should have stayed with BG.
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Hmmm. Lot's to think about here.

Firstly, @FoenticFreek, welcome to the Forum, but can I point out that the people you're directing your comments to don't read these postings. We're fellow customers discussing things here.

I can't tell from your User Profile, but I'm assuming that, like me, you started an OVO contract during the winter months? Probably those who join OVO during the warmer months of the year are able to build up a credit and are hence less likely to receive requests to increase DD's.

 @andyfras, I have no idea why OVO's in-house tariff system would be generating a DD increase letter for such a tiny amount! £2 would seem to be well inside the margins of error on their Forward Prediction algorithms!

I suggest you email them and tell them just that!

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That's understandable, @andyfras.

There must be quite a lot of OVO customers who are only too pleased to be accruing 3% on their credit!

I've been wondering if this is slewing OVO's in-house Forward Prediction algorithm. If there isn't a filter to remove those of us who deliberately leave a few £100 on account, then this could be one possible reason why others are more likely to receive DD-increase requests!

I do not receive prior notification of this as stated in the email I received today. The reason I joined OVO energy was that it was cheaper than British Gas. Now it will be much more expensive than what I was paying. Not impressed.
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Hey @dazzledoc,

I've moved your post over to this discussion about Direct Debits and reviews. Have a look at Tim's first post in this thread for information on why your payments might have been increased.

Top tips:
- Make sure your account is up to date with acurate readings
- Check if there is a debit balance on your account
- Check if you have started a new contract
- Refer to your unit rates and standing charges for an accurate price comparison

DD increased to more than I was paying previous supplier
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Hi @Nigel r

I've moved your post over here as we already have a huge number of comments about why DD amounts go up or down over your contract period.

Have a read through, there is also a link to the website where there is a load more info on why we review your DD and why we may need to increase to ensure you are covering what you are using during your contract term.

Any other questions, post them here so our users can offer their help and advice.

I do not receive prior notification of this as stated in the email I received today. The reason I joined OVO energy was that it was cheaper than British Gas. Now it will be much more expensive than what I was paying. Not impressed.

Exactly the same with me moved as was promised much lower monthly payments than N power were charging within 3 months dd is doubled checked back to N power and I would have been better off staying with them.
Cant wait for contract period to end and byebye OVO
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Hi @Nigel r,

We always send an email, followed by an SMS message advising that your Direct Debit might need increasing. We'd then send a further confirmation email if it does get increased. If you haven't received these, I get the feeling your contact details might not be correct.

It is quite surprising that your Direct Debit would be doubled within only 3 months of being with us. There could be a couple of reasons this has happened:

- Your initial quote was based on inaccurate figures. Your quote could have been very general if you weren't able to provide your actual consumption figures when you signed up. Once you've switched to us, your old supplier actually passes on these details to us, so we can make a more accurate prediction.
- You've given a high reading. If you didn't provide your opening meter reading, and it's therefore been estimated, it could be incorrect. If you've then provided an actual reading later on, there could be a large difference which has created a large bill.
- Our estimates are out of line. If you don't provide a reading, we'd estimate your bill which is based on average consumption. As it's the summer, your consumption won't be 'average', it'll actually be quite low. Your payment review may have been based on this, whereas you're actually not using that much.

Get in touch with the team on Facebook or Twitter so they can check your contact details, and look into why a review has happened so early on in your contract. Just include your account number, full name and DoB.

Hi there,
My contract is due to end in 6 weeks.
However, I've had an email from them today asking me to increase my Direct Debit. I'm currently more than 1 month in credit, with another direct debit due before the contract ends. It seems unlikely that I will have a negative balance in 6 weeks time - and even if I do, it will be very small indeed. Given that I'm not sure I will be rewewing my contract with Ovo, I'd rather not amend my DDat this very late stage.
However, it seems from the new T&Cs that if I don't, I won't receive the Self Service Reward for this quarter.

Given that the stated aim of a DD amendment is to prevent a 'large deficit' at the end of the quarter, do I really need to amend my payments?
Ovo I can't go through this stress with another energy company.
I'm sick of talking /messaging/emailing you
I want a smooth running account but hat's impossible .
Checking my direct debits & guy at bank asked what was going on with my direct debit to Ovo.
***The ORIGINATOR THAT MEANS YOU OVO*** cancelled it,no date as to when. Last payment was Oct 8th next should be Nov 8th but amount is now zero with no schedule for any payments.
I can't afford for you to start messing with my bank account.

Only contact with you about DD's was
2 letters dated Oct 24 for new DD payment £60p/m. Contacted you & told i changed it twice. Explained i didn't Ovo refused to assist in correcting my surname on app which mysteriously changed on 1 section,right on another. I know how to spell my surname, you registered it as incorrect.
I was worried changing it it would affect my payment info incl DD.Told it wouldn't.
So only surname amended not direct debit amount.

App says DD is £60p/m but i can change it to between £73-£219.
Ovo you better not increase my DD without talking to me as account is in credit.

Ovo who cancelled this direct debit? When & why?
Why haven't you contacted me?
How do i get a new one set up for £60p/m before Nov 8th?
You are really scaring me with all this,i am.so worried with what you'll do to me next.
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Ovo who cancelled this direct debit? When & why?
Why haven't you contacted me?
How do i get a new one set up for £60p/m before Nov 8th?
You are really scaring me with all this,i am.so worried with what you'll do to me next.


 @dylanmagic I believe someone has reached out to you about this - get in touch with our Customer Care team if I'm wrong (other forum users won't be able to help with this). To reach us:

- Send over a PM via FacebookTwitter or our Help Centre has online chat!