Why does OVO energy review my Direct Debit amount?

Why does OVO energy review my Direct Debit amount?

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My 10 years as an Ovo customer ended 6 months ago, so I no longer have a skin in this game but, from time to time, I glance at activity here on the forum. With the detached view I now have, it’s blindingly obvious from the continuing problems that what is missing from Ovo’s Direct Debit review process is TRANSPARENCY.

If Ovo would only show their working instead of just asserting that, without increasing their DD, a customer will fall into debt … I really doubt there would be all this discussion.

As an example of what is done by others, here’s a screenshot of an interactive tool offered by my new supplier’s web interface:

“Balance Forecast”

They use my current tariff to convert their forecast of my consumption, month by month (not shown), into a month by month cost (the blue bars). Possible future monthly payments are shown as pink bars.

The combined effect of this consumption and the future payments on my forecast account balance is plotted as the brighter “sawtooth” line. (The slightly darker sawtooth line shows the balance forecast with the supplier’s recommended DD.)

My supplier even explains that their recommendation is based on keeping me in credit through the coming winter and spring, to end of March 2023. From the graph, it’s clear that the calculation also allows for a modest amount of uncertainty in their forecast, of about one month’s payment.

This is not rocket science, and it’s transparency like this that fosters trust in the supplier.

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There’s indications OVO is already looking at building such a feature.


Also, I hate to nit-pick, but that colour scheme for the chart you’ve shown me is terrible for accessibility. Several of the colours used are too similar to be discernible for anyone with any kind of visual impairment, which breaks web accessibility standards.

Sorry, but branding has to make way for a11y sometimes!

Also… That chart has WAAAAAYYYY too much information at once, to the point where it’s confusing. If you can’t filter out at least some of those lines or bars, then it may as well be double dutch to some people.

Funny I have the exact same issue for the last 3 months . Each time promised this would not happen again , less that a month later same again. I have not had more than enough. There is a duly with in their system or they are not telling the truth.  So I will now be asking for a full GDPR report of if my account and expecting compensation for all the time  I have spent in the last 4 months getting no where and having to do it all again.

According to the BBC today, ‘energy firms face limit on direct debit overpayment.’

‘Ofgem accused some firms of using customers' accumulated credit like an "interest-free company credit card".’

My direct debit is currently set at a level which will, I have calculated, cover roughly double the amount I am using, when averaged out over the year, so I have a very personal interest in this!

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Hi @dman,


We're not able to comment on any active Ofgem investigations. However our Direct Debit review policy is outlined above.