Why are only my old statements showing when I try and download my latest summary?

  • 22 June 2022
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Anybody else getting the same problem. I can’t down load my latest statement and if I try I get a statement from 2019. My OVO home keeps asking for meter readings when I’m on a smart meter which are working or OVO couldn’t give me last months synopsis of the bill.

Is OVO still functioning?


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This is an odd one, @tonyp227 - thanks for flagging it. 


I can view and download all of my bills via my online account's ‘Billing history’. What do you see when you’re in this section? Have you been able to access this area before?


If it turns out there is an issue with your online account or something account specific, you’re best action is to let our Support team know directly so they can get it flagged and fixed directly to the team that managed the platform. 

Getting tired of this game due to lack of resolution of missing credit over the past few years and now since March the ridiculous mess my account has descended to, where I can’t even download statements. If I try I get a latest statement dated 2019. So once again I write to the General Manager at Bristol ( who didn’t bother to reply to my letter of 07 March 22) on the same subjects. As the copies of documentation of the mess  is too large to post via this system, a repeat letter to him/her is about to go out again.  I don’t particularly wish to move on from OVO as it’s been OK up untill now, but if this goes on I’ll have to look for back up available around me or withdraw the credit you state I have and move on! I may be just one of the millions of  OVO customers but being ignored is infuriating.

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Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues with your account, @tonyp227.


As @Tim_OVO mentioned, this sounds like it could be an account-specific issue as we’d usually expect you to have access to your full billing history on your online account. 


If you’re still waiting on a postal response, we’d recommend contacting the team via our webchat here or by giving them a call on 0330 303 5063 which tend to be the quickest ways to get things sorted.


I hope this helps get things back on track.

Attn Jess-OVO

I’ve tried contacting the team via the above general phone No. and told my query would be refered to “The relevant Team” but there would be at least a 2 month wait for a response as they were overloaded (and that was in early March of this year), to date we have no response at all, so trying again would probably be a waste of time.

This like many other companies is a push off to remove one to one contact to resolve problems and removes the possibility of conversing with someone who knows what they’re talking about and immediate resolution. Up until the pandemic, the take over of SSE, and the the massive leap in wholsale fuel prices OVO was fine and up to then had been smart enough to buy fuel in advance to protect itself against market volatility The need to reduce staff levels due to the latest massive fuel prices has caused problems which I understand. but which still leaves me in a quandary as I still have problems with no resolution in sight.

That is why we chose to temporarily move off fixed price contracts to pay as you go until we had resolution of the lack of the application of interest payback for excess credit in our account for the last two years even though this is only small amounts, but the excess acrued this year could be far more significant, with the current costs rising rapidly. Maybe this is why we are getting problems?

I therefore need to document everything I’m doing as emails and other vague interface’s just get lost or ignored so we choose to have hard copies in case I have to call for outside assistance from Citizens advice group Ofgem or The Daily Mail etc.

So without copies of my last letter to Bristol of the 7th March, plus a record of at least 5 attemtps to get some attention, plus pictorial records of screen shots of way-out-of-date statements (October 2019 to be precise) when I try to get my latest statement, demands for meter readings because the last readings were supposedly given 146 days ago. This is rubbish as they were read by Morrison Data Services 27 days ago and supplied to you by Morrison’s and myself of which I have a written evidence. We have smart meters and I have confirmation from you that they are working properly and meter readings therfore unecessary. So what do you want readings for?

Just out of frustration I’m tempted to demand the return of a credit balance of £5,652.55 you show on the bits of my account I can see and move on to another supplier.

Perhaps now, you might understand why I will send another written submission to Bristol to properly document the irritating situation we face.