Why are BILLS ABOVE CURRENT PRICE PER KWH CAP for 04/2022-09/2022?

  • 22 September 2022
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Why am I more charged than the price cap per kwh/daily standard charge?

I am on a standard tariff for over 10 years. Never subscribed to a “green” deal. I have noticed 5 weeks ago that I am charged over £0.29 per kwh and over £0.50 daily. I have checked my bills back to April 2022 when these unit prices were introduced. After checking the Ofgem site it appears that the max charge, for this period should be £0.28 kwh and £0.45 daily. 

From Ofgem Web Site “

Last price cap period

(1 April - 30 September 2022)


£0.28 per kWh

Daily standing charge: £0.45


Another question is why do I not get an answer from OVO customer service, I tried:

  • over 4 weeks ago asking the simple question via e-mail
  • over 2 weeks ago asking for an update
  • 48 hours ago tried to get an answer via online chat
  • 47 hours ago and 1.5 hours on calls after still- no answer

-Is there anybody who can explain why I am charged more than the CURRENT price cap for the period 04/2022-09/2022 ?

1 reply

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Hey @verwirrt,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had. 


Are you able to send a link to the webpage from OFGEM you are referring to? 


Are you paying by direct debit? From the OFGEM website it advises “From 1 April the equivalent per unit level of the price cap to the nearest pence for a typical customer paying by direct debit will be 28p per kWh for electricity customers and 7p per kWh for gas customers.”


Prices are cheaper for those paying by direct debit. Taken from the OFGEM website “Customers who pay by standard credit (cash or cheque) pay an additional £130 based on the higher cost for energy companies to serve them.”


We have a great FAQ page about the price increases and what OVO are doing to help which you may find helpful: 



The prices you’re paying for your energy may be changing in October. For all the up to date advice, see this page dedicated to the Energy Price Guarantee. We’ll keep that page updated with any changes as and when.


If you don’t have a smart meter that sends us your readings remotely every day, we’d recommend you submit a manual meter reading this week or next via your online account.  


We’ve also got a page with FAQs dedicated to the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

And OVO’s Customer Support Package: everything you need to know


Hope this helps