Why am I unable to submit electricity reading? - App is saying I have Smart meters when I don't!

  • 30 June 2021
  • 2 replies

For the past 2 months I have been unable to submit an electricity reading on the app and website and it says I no longer need to thanks to my smart meter. I haven’t had a smart meter installed so I am a little confused and worried I am going to receive a huge bill. 

Has anybody else experienced this? 

2 replies

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Hi there @Jodi Tearle !

That’s rather unusual, but I do have solutions that can help with this. Would you be happy to take some photos of your meters for me and pop them in your next reply please? I can use these to double check exactly what kind of meter you have, just to be safe. That message should only ever show if you do have smart meters, so I just want to double check so that I can figure out where the issue might be.

There’s also a bit of a hack you can do to get the meter readings in if things aren’t working via the app and website. If you call the Support Team and choose the option to submit a meter reading, the automated phone system will take a reading from you and submit it to your account, even if the other methods aren’t working.

I’d definitely recommend having a chat with the Support Team as well about this, as they’ll need to take a look. If you let them know about this thread as well, it will speed things up. But I’m happy to see if I can figure out a few clues first. :)

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Any updates on this one, @Jodi Tearle ? We’d love to hear if you managed to get to the bottom of things.

If not post some photos of your meters below as this can help us check what meter type you have...:slight_smile: