Why am I seeing really inaccurate daily usage costs on my online account?

My smart meter shows my gas usage as around £1.85 per day, yet on my OVO app, it shows my gas usage as between £7 and £10 per day?? I’ve checked the readings and they are correct, any ideas why they are so different and which is correct?? 


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Hi @NickyOL78 

The first thing to check would be whether the correct tariff pricing is loaded onto the In-Home Display monitor via the smart meter. The way to get to this screen differs depending on the make and model of the unit.

If the tariff showing is incorrect then this will need to be changed to match your current tariff. If you contact the OVO Support Team they should be able to help.

I have just seen I have the same problem, the usage app seems to have gone haywire! It was okay yesterday. Hopefully, it will soon be rectified! 

Thanks, have just checked the tariffs  on my smart meter and they are different to my plan, saying more expensive than my plan on my account, so that should mean my smart meter shows more expensive?? I will contact customer support tomorrow! 

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Hi @NickyOL78 and @Tricia ,

This should be an easy fix for the most part. If you ask the Support Team to run the SMETS Command Update Tariff Configuration, it should force your Smart Meters and In-Home Display to re-sync the tariff rates with those on your account. It usually takes less than 48 hours to do but can often go through in just a few minutes or so as @nealmurphy mentioned.

If you’re after the most accurate billing information though, you’ll always find that under Billing History in MyOVO and under Payments > See Charges and Payments in the OVO Energy app. Everything else should be treated more as a guide than anything else.

For the online bill, I have noticed that over the last week, there has been a change online and they have applied my Electricity kWh rate to the gas kWh and therefore everything is showing as 4.95 times higher (difference between Gas & Electric kWh rate). They have applied this all the way back to migration day which is incorrect

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I’m so sorry to hear that there’s still some issues with the information shown on the usage pages of your online accounts, @Tricia , @NickyOL78  and @LeeH.


We were aware that some members had lost the usage data and the team were working on a fix for this issue so I’m wondering if this could be related. I’ve already flagged these ongoing issues to the team so hope we can get things fully back on track ASAP.


In the meantime are you able to see your usage costs deducted daily via the ‘billing’ page? 

Yes although the migration units for my gas were incorrect as someone has used a early 2021 smart meter value rather than the Jan 2022 value for my gas

My tariff on my smart meter is incorrect according to my bill. The balance on my bill is £79.92 debit, but the usage on my app says I’ve used £789.92 of gas in 2022! My smart meter shows I’ve used £10 of gas this month but the app says I’ve used £55 so really don’t understand what’s going on. Spoke to customer services who said the smart meter is the correct reading, but can’t account for the crazy prices on the app. 

Problem resolved  -  usage graphs corrected. Thank you OVO tech team!

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Nice one @Tricia , thanks for letting us know!

Hopefully this won’t be a problem again for you. But if you ever spot more bugs, we’ll be happy to accept bug reports via the forum anytime. Or if you prefer, feel free to let the Support Team know and they can raise a case for you.

For everyone else on this thread, please check your account again as I suspect that bulk fix might be rolling out. Don’t worry if your account isn’t fixed yet - it should be soon! However, if it is fixed, we’d definitely love to know as it helps Jess to keep track.