Why am I seeing an error message on my online account at the moment (December 2021)?

  • 22 November 2021
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I’m unable to log into My Account on i-phone through safari, or through the app.

I then get an error message through a laptop as well:

Been like this for two days. Followed all options in Step 3.

Cannot see anything online or twitter about an issue. Please advise


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19 replies

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Howdy @wilcosco !

Sorry about that. Could you try again using a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox on a different device that does not run on iOS/iPadOS? The way iOS works means basically every browser on iOS/iPadOS is effectively “Safari” regardless.

Safari is known for being weird with MyOVO, so if you can get things to work in another browser, that might help. Otherwise, you’ll want to make sure everything’s up to date - especially via the iOS/iPadOS/Mac App Store and through Software Update under System Preferences > Software Update on macOS (once you’re there, click out of the search box and then press Command + R to force macOS to check again) and under Settings > General > Software Update on iOS/iPadOS.

Could you try those and see if that helps?

Thank you for the information.

My Phone is up to date.

I have tried on chrome and Firefox through laptop, still same error message.

have deleted cookies etc.

Nothing seems to work!


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No worries, thanks for confirming. To me, it sounds like the problem isn’t on your end. I’m not having any issues myself today though. Strange…

It sounds like an account-specific bug, so you’ll probably want to reach out to the Support Team about this. Please let them know what steps you’ve tried so far, as this probably needs to be investigated to find out exactly what’s happening with your account.

I don’t think re-installing the app will help either, so I’m going to skip over that suggestion.

If I think of anything else you can try in the meantime, I’ll let you know.

I am having the same issue as well

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Thanks for raising these login issues @wilcosco and @Solomonrose86.


We're aware of an issue this week affecting the billing and login access of some OVO accounts. If you're unable to log in, you might be affected, but the Kaluza team are working on fixing it and they’ve temporarily paused billing on these account for now. If you wanted to check if your account is affected by this technical issue, message our team on chat here. Otherwise I'd recommend checking again later this week as we’re hoping things should be sorted ASAP.

That's amazing thanks for letting me know

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Hehehe, magic huh?

If you ever come across any bugs or issues like this again, please do feel free to stop by and let us know here. A few volunteers like myself enjoy bug hunting, and Tim or Jess can flag up reports to the teams right from the forum if needed - it also saves you a call to the Support Team too. :)

I just want to give you a quick heads up though. While your account is under a billing suspension, you won’t be able to get Direct Debit recommendations, and attempting to get a refund, move payment date or change your payments might fail via self service. You also won’t receive bills in the usual manner - they’ll be regenerated after the billing suspension is lifted though and your payments will still go through as normal. The Support Team can usually break through this and attempt it from their end, but from personal experience I’d recommend waiting until the suspension is lifted unless you really need to make the changes before then.

If it’s only a few days though and doesn’t cross over your billing cycle, then it probably won’t be particularly noticeable. It might take a few days for MyOVO to fully catch up afterwards, but it’s usually faster than that.

Same problem here.

Locking out customer account access is usually a sure sign of a company in financial trouble.

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Same problem here.

Locking out customer account access is usually a sure sign of a company in financial trouble.

Hi there @kh1234567890 ,

I’d actually disagree with that statement. If you’re affected by this issue, you can still reach out to the Support Team to manage your account over the phone or via Live Chat. These options remain available even if MyOVO isn’t working for you at the moment. It has no relation to the financial position of any energy supplier. Especially since my own account is working just fine and I can access it via the app and web version just like I always do.

In this case, it’s merely a bug in the billing platform that’s caused a few accounts to get slightly broken, but the team at OVO’s sister company Kaluza are already working on a fix.

OVO is actually in a pretty strong position at the moment as well. If that was to change, you’d hear about it from official channels first.

Well, it is still borked.

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Not so much borked, but safe for now. The billing suspension that’s in place will prevent any further damage while a fix is still in progress. It’s far less trouble to do it this way, than leave things running while trying to fix it, since that could allow things to get worse in the meantime.

Your bills will be regenerated if necessary once this has been fixed and the billing suspension lifted. The best I can recommend right now is to hang in there and give it a few more days. Hopefully Jess will be informed once it gets fixed.

give it a few more days.

Still borked ...

I have the same problem.  Good to know from the above comments that it will never get fixed.

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I’m so sorry to hear that your online account issues are ongoing, @kh1234567890 and @PJV.


I’ve been in touch with the team who have advised that whilst we’re working on fixing some technical errors to some member accounts you may notice that you’re still unable to login at the moment.


We’re hoping to get the issues resolved in the next couple of days and really appreciate your patience in the meantime. I’ll be sure to provide any further updates here if there’s any anticipated delays.

I appreciate that there has been updates (suspended billing) and you've engaged on the forums. We still need to pay our bills and submit meter readings so it doesn't impact further down the line. Not sure about you but I don't want +£100 just sitting, I'd rather pay. 


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Howdy @Solomonrose86 .

You don’t need to worry there. Despite the billing suspension, your payments will continue as usual and will be credited to your account anyway. The Support Team can also break through a billing suspension to submit meter readings and assist with bill payments manually if needed. The easiest way to reach the team would be via Live Chat in the morning, via the help centre.

Hope this helps

Howdy @Solomonrose86 .

You don’t need to worry there. Despite the billing suspension, your payments will continue as usual and will be credited to your account anyway.

Since my account billing is supposedly ‘frozen’ and no-one really knows the actual amount of credit in my account, how can Ovo justify an arbitrary increase of my Direct Debit by 10% as per their email of this morning ?

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Those emails were prepared in advance and are being sent out in waves for members whose accounts it’s applicable for. It’s quite possible that the one you’ve received was prepared a few weeks in advance and has only just been sent today. After all, it’s extremely difficult to send five million emails at once.

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Just an update from the tech team on these ongoing App access issues. They’ve managed to fix the issue but are still needing to carry out some final testing so regrettably that means some of you may notice you’re still not able to access your account.


We really appreciate the frustration this has caused and hope to have things fully up and running early next week.


As our community volunteer has mentioned if you’ve received a Direct Debit review during this time, this may have been scheduled before the current issues however our Support Team will be able to shed more light on the account-specific reasons for this. You can reach the team via Live chat from 9am - Midday on Saturdays.


Hope this helps ease any concerns and we’ll be sure to update this thread when we hear more. :thumbsup: