Why am I having to top-up my Pay-As-You-Go meter more often at the moment?

  • 26 May 2022
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hi all i am going potty my electric bill alone is costing £100 every 6 days and over night i am waking to have already using according to my smart meter between £7 and £8 when everyone in bed asleep  only time has gone down is when switched fuse box off at night for couple of hours but cannot keep doing this have been on to our supplier who dont seem in any rush to help but said will look into it mean while we have to keep topping up which is crippling us and getting into debt can anyone please help


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Firstly I’m really sorry to hear of the struggles you’ve had recently with the need to top-up more frequently. As you mention even your overnight usage seems high we’d recommend checking out the advice given in the thread below, which might help get to the bottom of the usage costs you’re seeing on your IHD in the morning.



As you mention turning things off at the fuse-box, I’m wondering if the advice given in the topic in the thread below might help identify a particularly high usage appliance or circuit.



We appreciate it’s really worrying to face such an increase to your energy costs and it may not be possible to reduce your usage. So we’ve got more information on Price cap change and how to seek additional support if you’re affected by this on our website here. Just to clarify things slightly, as OVO Energy primarily supplies members on Pay Monthly plans, you might be on supply with Boost our PAYG sister company. You can find more help and ways to contact the Boost Support Team here.


I hope this information helps in some way.