Where's my missing £132 ?

  • 24 November 2022
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OVO took over my electricity account from SSE in January 2022, and have taken Direct Debits on 1st of each month since then.

At some point my account was “transferred erroneously”from OVO to Good Energy.

OVO confirmed on 1 March that the account would be returned to them on 16 March.

Since there has been no gap in the payments OVO took, I believed the situation to have been rectified.


I have not received any government energy scheme payments.


I have contacted OVO by phone and email several times since 21 Oct.

2 OVO emails did not answer my questions, and 2 of my emails have still received no response.


During my call on 8 Nov it was suggested that my “erroneous transfer” may have led to my name not appearing on the list of customers entitled to receive payments.


I find it difficult to accept that I do not seem to be an OVO customer since:


1. the “erroneous transfer” took place without my knowledge or approval, and had been put right before the government scheme was announced

2. OVO has continued to accept my meter readings and monthly direct debits


In my last call on 8 Nov an OVO employee admitted that none of this was my fault and I should have received the Oct and Nov payments.


25 working days have now passed since the issue was raised. It seems that OVO is either ignoring my problem or is sorting out its own administrative problems before it gets round to making the 2 overdue payments of £66 to which I am entitled.


Can anyone suggest what I should do next?

3 replies

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You can’t use email at the moment. OVO have turned those off to focus on much faster options.

Your next port of call is .

Thank,Blastoise186, this underlines the probs we have been having

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Thanks for flagging this, @JohnstonP - I agree, this sounds like an ‘edge case’ issue that’s preventing the automated ‘energy bills support scheme’ payment mechanism from working correctly. Our Support team are on hand to support, although as mentioned the hello@ email address is limited. You should’ve got an automated reply to point you to the best contact channel though…!


Please chase us up via our much quicker digital channels. You can do webchat here. If you call, you can also choose WhatsApp, that way you’re not hanging around in between replies: 0330 303 5063.