Where's my first 'Energy Bills Support Scheme' payment?


It’s the 3rd October today. Can anybody provide an answer as to why my first installment of the “New Government Energy Price Guarantee” wasn’t applied to my direct debit that left my bank today?


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Afternoon all,

I understand this is paid to my bank a/c after the DD is taken.

My last DD was 28 Sept, so will it be paid to my bank a/c in a few days, around 3-4th Oct, OR will it be paid after my Oct DD in early November?

As the song goes: “There are more questions than answers, pictures in my mind”…………….

I can now see a floating overview of all this on an Ovo website page, but again no actual clarity around the issue.

Any replies greatly appreciated……………...



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Hi @Pepsi ,

I suspect you’ll probably get the first one in early November but either way, you will get the entire £400 as long as you keep making payments each month as this will ensure the fastest delivery. If you cancel the DD or miss a payment, you’ll still get EBSS but it may take longer to deliver.

Hope this helps!

I would say it’s from any payment made on or after 1 Oct 

this is from the letter I received from OVO


If you pay by Direct Debit
You’ll receive your discount as a rebate rather than a credit to your bill. This means you’ll carry
on paying your full Direct Debit amount. Once the payment has cleared, we’ll refund the monthly discount amount to your bank account within 5 working days. If you cancel your Direct Debit, or it fails, we’ll add your discount as a credit to your energy account instead.
You’ll get your discount every month, even if you don’t get monthly statements. You’ll see confirmation of the discount on your next statement.
For example, if you pay your Direct Debit on 15 October, and it reaches us on 17, you’ll receive the discount in your bank account by 22 October.

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Thanks for the replies. Pretty much as I expected.

What is the £66/67 support scheme?

I haven't heard of it

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So it's the £400 scheme paid over several months

hi not received anything off my bill yet it says within the first week I spend more on standing charges then what I use

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Yup, you’ll get £66 this month (October) and next month (November) followed by £67 a month for the remainder of the scheme.

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Yup, you’ll get £66 this month (October) and next month (November) followed by £67 a month for the remainder of the scheme.

Even tho’ I paid in September?

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Hi @Ailwyn Rees and @Bridgette ,

You’ll get the first instalment back to your bank account by this Friday if your DD went through today. Please allow a few days for it to be processed.

If you pay on-demand, you’ll see it taken off your next statement.

In both cases, you are of course welcome to pay it back into your OVO account if you wish.

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Ah yes, I remember you said you pay on the 28th right? In that case, you’ll get the first instalment by the 10th November by the looks of things (based on looking at a calendar).

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Ah yes, I remember you said you pay on the 28th right? In that case, you’ll get the first instalment by the 10th November by the looks of things (based on looking at a calendar).

Yes that’s it, thanks.

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Hi @Bridgette and @Ailwyn Rees,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community.


I can see @Blastoise186 has already given some great advice here.


Just wanted to step in and add that all the information about how the Energy Bills Support Scheme will be paid can be found on the website. 


The Energy Price Guarantee is the £2500 cap on energy bills (for average users) the Government has recently bought in. All customers affected by this will be contacted by OVO directly and given their new prices (unit rates and standing charges). If you are on the Simpler Variable Tariff your direct debit wouldn’t reduce as your prices will still be higher than the April price cap. 


Hope this helps. 

Thank you for your advice but I've read all the information on the support page it says we will get it from 1st oct but nothing has going on to my account this is what I'm trying to find out when are we getting it thank you

i have the £66 gov help now appearing on my monthly statement thats building…….

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The rebates have started this week, but exactly when you get it varies.

@Bridgette I can calculate when you’re likely to get your first payment, but I need a few details:

  • Do you pay by: Direct Debit, On-Demand, Smart Prepayment Meter, Traditional (Key/Card) Prepayment Meter?
  • When is your payment date for October 2022?

I have also received my £66 today, after my 1 October DD went through. However. Ovo have deducted mid cycle funds from it, leaving me with £58. My DD was paid in full, they shouldn’t be using it to cover secondary, mid cycle billing. That’s not what their website advice said 

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Can fellow forum members please cut the suppliers some slack on this.  While its easy to throw stones, its much harder to implement a change to government policy announced only on 8 September, which then took at least another 10 days for the government to confirm the fine detail of.  Then the suppliers have to incorporate into their systems something that had never even been considered before and for which there was no precedent.


Come on guys, the response hasn’t been perfect, but it will all be sorted in the end, and ringing customers services really isn’t going to speed things up one iota.



Hi yes I'm on demand and thanks for the reply 😊

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Thanks. In that case, you’ll get the rebate as an automatic bill credit each month during EBSS delivery, which will knock £66/£67 off each of the relevant bills.

Sorry  forgot to mention smart meter and October 

Thanks so much for your help😊

Cut some slack! They are not implementing the changes they are supposed to. Then when you call no one seems to know what they are doing? 
if I hadn’t called customer service today I was being left on a really high fixed rate no one was looking at it. For others on here they aren’t receiving any back dated credits so you have no choice but to get in contact asap to resolve. Ovo are not refunding direct debit accounts with the £66 as they stated in their communication they are applying it to accounts that are already in credit (certainly in my case) without then adjusting their direct debits ??  How is that fair. 
some of us who are on heating  oil or lpg are not receiving any meaningful help from the government and then electricity suppliers are taking excessive direct debits and keeping accounts hundreds of pounds in credit unnecessarily. It is very distressing for people right now trying to manage… I assume you can chill as you don’t have any issues  with your account. 

How does this work for prepayment smart meter/when it will be applied?