Where is my credit balance from SSE?!

  • 25 November 2021
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My SSE account has been moved to OVO Energy and I activated my account today 25 Nov 21.

I am missing more than half of the credit I had against my SSE Electricity and Gas I should be in credit by £436, my OVO account says a credit of £203 after updating my meter readings.

Luckily I have photos of my credit taken on 22 Nov 21 in case I am missing money (thankfully I listened to Martin Lewis).

Can anyone advise please?


3 replies

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Howdy @xscdx ,


Welcome to the OVO Forum! The name’s Blastoise186 and I’m one of the forum volunteers who helps out here. Just a quick heads up - I can’t access your account or make any changes, but I can give advice that might help solve your questions.


It sounds to me as if the credit you’re missing has either not yet transferred over from either the electric or gas account you had with SSE, or it’s been used to pay the Final Bill to SSE prior to your account being migrated over to OVO. You should still be able to log into your SSE online account for about six months from now, so you might want to check that account to see if there’s a newly generated bill, which will most likely explain the discrepancy.


With OVO, you’ll have a single balance for gas and electricity, rather than two separate ones. It might just be a case that one of your SSE balances has successfully migrated, but not the other yet. If this is the case, your credit balance with OVO should be updated once the other SSE balance moves over.


If you still can’t find the missing credit after that, the Support Team will be happy to take a look for you - and they can recover the credit if it really did go missing. As you’ve migrated over, there’s a dedicated team for this. Feel free to give them a call on 0345 0260 712 and they’ll be happy to assist.


Hope this helps. Feel free to reply to this thread if you still need a hand with this issue. :) 

Hi, thanks for your response.  Problem solved...I never realised I could still see my bills from SSE as everything was moved over..I should have clicked on the menu I guess.  All seems to be in order with SSE taking the final bill.


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Yay, no worries!

Feel free to download and archive all those old bills for your records. In six months from now, your online account with SSE will be locked and no longer accessible. So it’s worth grabbing anything you want now while you still have a chance. There’s plenty of time yet though, so there’s no rush.

You’ll also no longer be able to use the MySSE app I’m afraid, as it doesn’t work with MyOVO. However, there’s a new one that you can use. Feel free to check it out.

My understanding is that you’ll still have access to SSE Rewards for the time being as well, as long as you were already signed up before your account moved over. If you’d like to opt-out, that’s definitely possible of course, but you might not be able to sign up again if you do.