What happens when your meter reading goes over 99999?

  • 27 August 2018
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I've just switched to OVO and need to submit a meter reading, but just want to make sure that if my dial is now reading 00071 (previous reading was 99888), that I should submit it as 100071. Some people seem to think it should reset back to 0, but want to double check what OVO want.


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Hi @TomI,

You don't add the leading figure 1. If your online account is already active, or you have the OVO App (available for iOS and Android) on a Smartphone, then you'll be presented with the correct number of boxes to match the digits of your meter. The algorithms used to calculate usage and bills are able to cope with the point at which the reading "rolls over".

If your online account isn't already live, then you can send the readings by webchat.



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OK, thanks. I can't use the app yet, but when I enter them on the website it says they expect it to be between 100036 and 100651. I assume that's some kind of oversight if the app only allows 5 numbers.
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Hmm @TomI. I've just logged in and checked my own My OVO page. When I click on Meter Readings there are definitely only five boxes in which to place the digits!
Hmm, here's what I see when entering the reading on the website:
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OK, @TomI.

So others can view this in future, I'm just uploading your screenshot here:

And here's a screenshot of my page for comparison:

So I'm deducing that you are seeing a different screen because your's is an Initial Reading for someone just moving to OVO.... in which case try adding the leading 1 and see if it gets accepted.

If not, then I would suggest sending OVO an email anyway.
OK, thanks for your help!