What does the red button on my radio teleswitch (RTS) meter do?

  • 25 January 2018
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I was hoping someone can help. We have Radio Teleswitch pictured below. Can anyone tell me what is the red button for please? I understand it says off/on but what does it do?

Couple of months ago one of my heaters broke down and I had a guy who came to fix it. He also fiddled with the radio tele switch and I suspect that he might have change something and the heaters now taking only the peak rates.

Can anyone advise please?

Thank you


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4 replies

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Great question to ask about your radio teleswitch (RTS) meter


These meters respond to radio signals to switch on or off certain peak or off-peak circuits (ie. your storage heater circuit). The red switch will show when the circuit in question is activated. For a detailed explanation of this process, we recommend watching the video below:




If there seems to be an issue with when your meter is switching between certain peak/off peak rates, or you notice this red switch isn’t changing when it should it’s worth reaching out to our Support Team or your current supplier to check your peak/off-peak times and whether this could indicate a faulty meter.

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Hi Nancy, And thank you for your reply.

The red button I am referring to is marked on the image below.

I suspect that the button was in a possition "on" and that caused that the heaters could work anytime in a day whereas before, the button was "off" and the heating used to kick in only at the night time. Don't know if that makes sense.

Thank you
I have the same question about my Radio Teleswitch. The red switch rarely moves (last seen to move 5 days ago!)

The low/normal pointer on the meter stays on one setting for days.

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Hi @Frizzbomb @Miro_82

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