warm home discount issues sse/ovo switch

  • 25 January 2023
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I was switched to OVO beginning of December after applying for WHD on 17/11 with SSE. I got an email from OVO last week saying I was unsuccessful and to try again if I thought i was eligible. When I go to reapply it says already successful with SSE and it’s been paid which it hasn’t,meaning I can’t apply again. Contacting OVO gets me nowhere as they just say it’s SSE but when you all them you get put through to OVO. Last lady did give me a finals team number but it doesn’t exist. Anyone had this issue resolved??

5 replies

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Hi @DrC ,

Please can you do this check and tell us what you get back?

I’m in Scotland and eligible through what’s now the Scotland broader group

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Ok. I’d check your SSE bills to see if it shows up there

It’s not there which is why I’m trying to work out who to contact as OVO won’t let me apply again as they say it’s already been paid

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Hey @DrC,


Really sorry to hear this,


I’ll get Forum_Support to reach out. Please keep an eye on your private messages. 


Hope this helps.