Want to try out a new billing experience?

  • 22 September 2022
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We know that it’s more important than ever to understand your bills and how much your energy is costing, so we’re testing out a new design for the billing history page on our website. All you need to do is log in, head to billing history, and look out for this option.


Select ‘See the new design’


Once you click ‘See the new design’, you’ll see a redesigned page that we hope makes your bills easier to understand. While we’re running the test, you’ll still be able to switch between the old design and the new one as much as you like.


We don’t want to influence your opinions too much — it’s great if you can discover how it works without us leading you — so we won’t give much more detail in this thread. But we’d appreciate your honest feedback, so let us know if it makes things easier for you (or not).


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9 replies

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Oh wow, this is WAAAAAYYYY better! :D

Without giving too much away, I really appreciate the extra clarity and how it fits in much better with the design scheme for MyOVO

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Yes ! It’s not on the ‘legacy billing system’ though, unless I just couldn’t find it.

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It’s on the new one only

Can’t find the ‘See the new design’ box anywhere on the Billing History page.


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@barnpiece you’re right - it’s vanished ! Maybe too new ? It was very good !!

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I’ve switched to the new design and I still have the option to switch to the old version. What do you see @juliamc @barnpiece


I’ll ask for an update on this and get back to you :)

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@Tim_OVO it’s back !! The new version comes up by default, but honest - it wasn’t there yesterday - or am I going mad ???

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Nice @juliamc I wonder why it didn’t show yesterday. Is it related to this update below. 


Here’s the latest from the team testing this feature:


“This test is still live. If the forum members have declined the use of cookies or have an ad-blocker that blocks them, they won’t be able to see the test, unfortunately.


I’m just seeing if there’s a way I can provide a URL that bypasses that, which might allow forum members to bypass the cookie issue.”

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My testing indicates that AdBlock (the one Michael Gundlach originally wrote) does not interfere with this test as long as you only have the following filter lists active:

  • AdBlock Custom Filters
  • Anti-Circumvention Filters
  • EasyList
  • AdBlock Warning Removal List
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Mining Protection List

However, it appears enabling other lists such as Acceptable Ads, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy’s Annoyances, Fanboy’s Notifications or I don’t Care About Cookies may interfere. If you use AdBlock and have trouble, try just having my recommended list in the bullet points enabled and turn off all others.

There is more information about how some of these trials work available in the Treehouse but I can’t make it public.