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  • 24 November 2022
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My wife and I have been with SWALEC/SSE for over 20 years. Earlier this week, we found out that our SWALEC account was closed and that we had been moved over to OVO...

We received an email dated 22/11/20222 from SWALEC informing us that our latest bill was now available to view. We have received no other communication from either company! Opening the SWALEC app to view the bill we were greeted with a message informing us our account was closed and that we need to login via the SSE website to view our final bills (This is how we found out!).

Anyway, our gas bill has a cover letter informing us that we have been moved over to OVO and that we need to go to to setup our online account (Cover letter also includes our new OVO account number). Trouble is, when we enter the email address associated with our old SWALEC account we get an email requesting that we create a password but upon submission we get an error informing us ‘Your password reset link is invalid or expired.’ every time. How do we get access to our new OVO online account?


3 replies

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Hi @WelshPaul ,

Welcome to the OVO Forum. I’m Blastoise186 and I’m one of the community volunteers who helps out here.

It’s possible that your account isn’t quite ready yet and things might still be migrating over. Try having a chat with Support though, just to be safe. 

Thanks, Spoke to an online advisor and I was told the following:

Okay, I see the issue you're having, it looks like the account is indeed coming over to us from SSE but they haven't completely transferred everything just yet. This shoulnt take too long for them to do but for the time being, you'll need to speak to SSE to discuss your recent bills.

I don’t have any issues accessing my SWALEC bills and my closing balance with them was £673.84 which I’m guessing will be transferred over to our new OVO account once the transfer has completed.

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Yup, it should be migrated soon, pretty much the entire £673 should come over, but a small amount of it might be deducted to pay for any usage in the interim. You’ll see it as a line entry on your OVO account once it comes over.

If you previously had dual-fuel with SWALEC, your gas and electric accounts will be merged together into a single account and the final balances from both will be migrated and merged into a single shared wallet. This may take a while and you might see the balance migrate in two stages.

Also, you’ll want the OVO Energy app from now on. The SWALEC app is no longer going to be useful to you, so feel free to uninstall it whenever you want.