Unable to access account after switching to monthly payment

  • 18 September 2023
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I just moved into a property and moved the OVO account in my name.

The property was on pay as you go previously and I requested to change it to a monthly payment instead. That’s all done but I still can’t access my account over 72 hours later, it still claims I am on pay as you go.

I contacted customer support and they keep transferring me between the same two teams over and over again and no one seems to know what’s going on or communicate with the rest of the teams in this business.

My question is, is the customer support always like this? Because if they can’t solve even a simple issue like this it will be best to switch to a different provider while I have the chance.

2 replies

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It takes time for these changes to process - it’s never instant and that’s the same across basically all suppliers.

Try Live Chat via . Otherwise, has your back.

And no, I don’t see this happen very often.

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Sorry to hear of the issues you’re having,


Do you know if you’re OVO pay as you go or Boost?



Did they give you a timeframe for your account to be set up?