Transferred from SSE - Why haven't I had a bill emailed to me yet?

  • 8 February 2022
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Seen similar SSE migration problem posted a number of times on this forum but still didn’t see a clear simple answer posted here other than contact the support team…


I have emailed (no reply after a month)

I have tried to phone 3 times - no answer after 30 minutes - sorry I don’t have time or money to waste calling during my office hours.

Tried the bot - eventually got through to agent after 45 minutes - told that a bill was due (to be sent or paid ?) on February 7th.


Forced move to OvO on 21st December 2021.

Previously paid my bills quarterly by BACs. I would prefer to continue doing the same as that was my contractual agreement with SSE and despite being told that most customers want monthly (do they ?) for me it is actually more convenient for me to budget quarterly and I have no interest in paying monthly direct debits.

I have not received an email or paper bill telling me a bill is due or amount to pay. I have had 2 “Welcome to Ovo we will bill you monthly” style generic automated emails.

There is a “bill” to “download” on my online account for Dec-21 to Jan-21 with a closing balance on the 20th January (carried over from SSE plus Dec-January’s usage).

There is new “usage” accumulating for my “current billing period” January-21-…February-21

I am happy to pay for something I have used and all I want to do is pay bills by bank transfer when I am contractually obliged to (preferably quarterly) , and to not have this lack of clarity affect my credit score (late payment etc), but I have no idea what to do at this point.

Do I just pay for January at a date I want to and then get my quarterly in April, wait for 3 months or what ?

What should SSE quarterly on demand customers expect as a process or timeline for paying their first and subsequent bills  ?


Do I just wait for my email (monthly/quarterly ?) telling me to pay a bill with a due date for payment ?


And yes I have checked my spam etc...


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I’m really sorry for what sounds like a pretty confusing journey you’ve had from SSE to OVO, @Mr_W .


If you’ve previously paid for your SSE bills manually each quarter you should’ve received an email recently explaining that we’ll be issuing your bills monthly going forward. This change will take effect from the 7th February, however you may not receive your first bill until your next billing period ends, which in your case should be around the 21st of each month.


You’ll receive a copy of the statement either in the post or attached to an email each month, as well as being able to download it via the ‘Billing’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


As your monthly summary will explain manual payments should be made within 14 days of receiving this statement. If you’re used to paying with a bank transfer you can continue to make payments in the same way, albeit on a more regular basis - Check out this topic for OVO’s bank details. Once you’ve managed to get logged in to your new online account you’ll also be able to make one-off card payments each month here too. We know from our existing members that monthly billing can help them with budgeting as it spreads their usage costs through-out the year.


If you’d like to discuss this change further we’d encourage you to reach out to our dedicated Migration Support Team on 0345 0260 712.


Hope this helps get things sorted.


Thanks, Still have not received a bill since December, guess I will wait and see if one turns up after 21st March.