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  • 24 January 2023
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I have had a very bad experience with OVO while trying to switch the account name. I moved to my current apartment back in August 2022. Since then I’ve been trying to switch the account name from Owner’s to mine, however, I have failed after trying multiple times. 

It takes 45 mins to connect to customer support, who then give another number to contact. This again leads to nothing. 

I’ve honestly run out of options. Could someone please help? How can this be resolved?

Thank you. 

5 replies

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Have you tried this at all?

Yes. My apartment is not listed there. 

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The owner should close their account first, presumably it’s with OVO ?

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Oh yes @ahumne25 you won’t be able to just swap names. The previous account needs to be finalised and closed then you should be able to set up a new one .. perhaps that’s why you’ve had a problem so far

If you need to, you can check who supplies a property here

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Hey @ahumne25,


Really sorry to hear this,


The only thing I can think this might be is that you’re on our old billing system? As all customer care agents should have the ability to set up new accounts. Have you been calling 0330 303 5063?


Unfortunately the only options for setting up an account are calling, providing a tenancy agreement which you could upload through web messenger or the link that @BPLightlog provided.


Our phone lines tend to be quieter at the end of the week, please keep us posted with how you get on!