Struggling with your energy bills? We’re here to help

Struggling with your energy bills? We’re here to help
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Get support for your energy bills with our payment support tool


If you need some support paying your energy bills, we can help find a solution that works for you. We’re committed to making your energy expenses more manageable. 


This could be making a one-off payment, increasing your direct debit or setting up a payment plan, which spreads the cost of your energy to make it more manageable – letting you pay a little bit at a time.


How can the tool help me?


We offer a range of options tailored to your unique financial situation. By working together, we can find the right payment plan or arrangement that fits your budget, allowing you to pay off your energy bills in a way that's comfortable for you.


We understand that money and bills can be difficult to talk about. Rest assured, all the information you give us is treated confidentiality. Plus, the entire process can be completed online, saving you time and hassle. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need without any added stress.


Sounds great, how do I sign up?


You can sign up to the payment support tool here.


To sign up, we’ll need your: 

  • OVO Energy account number 
  • Email address 


You’ll then be sent the link within 10 minutes to sign up via email, which will take you to the tool. So that we can make sure it’s you, you’ll need to pass the SMS verification - make sure to have your mobile phone handy. This will be the number linked to your OVO account - if you need to change this, you can do this via your online account


From there, you'll be asked for information about your monthly income and expenses - this is done securely via open banking or you can manually input this information. Open banking lets banks share information with companies like us, in a safe and secure way. All of this information will be used to get a picture of your financial situation and help us find a plan that works for you. 


Our payment support plans can provide you with a manageable way to pay for your energy - this could be spreading the cost of your energy over time, or other ways such as making one-off payments.


Once you find a plan that works for you, we can get it set up within one working day so you can get the support you need quickly. More information here.


Frequently asked questions:


Which customers is this tool available for?

Our payment support tool is available to all Direct Debit customers


What information should I have on hand to complete this?

To assess the best payment plan options for you, we would need to get an idea of your monthly incomings and outgoings. This includes salary details, mortgage/rent payments, bills, essential spending on food and other necessities.


What kind of payment plan will be offered to me?

This depends on the financial information you share with us and your individual affordability. With a payment plan approach, a portion of the money will go towards gradually repaying your debt whilst the remainder is used to cover your electricity and gas usage.


How long can I spread my payments?

You may be able to spread your energy payments between 6 to 36 months.


I need more support, where can I go?

We’re here to offer you more support. Please visit this page for more information.

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