SSE to OVO - Can I still pay for my bills via a PayPoint?

  • 30 May 2022
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Hi. We’ve just been migrated to OVO from SSE. With SSE we had a payment card which we could use in a Paypoint shop. Does anyone know whether OVO offer the same kind of thing> I haven’t been able to find out by chatting with their online people.




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That’s great, thank you so much 😊

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Hi @ExiledRoyal,


Sorry just wanted to step in here. As you mention being told about a move to OVO Energy, at the moment we’re focusing on migrating Pay Monthly SSE customers over to OVO. 


In time all SSE PAYG customers will join us too, but this process hasn’t started yet. I’m wondering whether you smart meter mode may have been changed or another mix-up may have occurred. In this case I’d recommend getting in touch with the OVO Support Team to double-check why you received this welcome email.


You can find the contact channels for our Support Team here.


I hope this helps get to the bottom of things.

Well, I’m no longer able to access my SSE account. I have been paying SSE on a monthly basis, although my bill was taken every three months. I now have an OVO account number, which shows my current balance. More scarily, Ive today paid OVO around £175.00 which they’ve taken. So I’m sure hoping that they’ve got this right!


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Sounds like you account with SSE was a Pay Monthly account, which explains why you’ve been advised of the move to OVO. We’ve got more details on this process over on our FAQs here.


As you mentioned paying for your energy at a PayPoint previously, this is something you could continue to do with us. We’ll include a Giro slip at the bottom of each posted monthly statement which you should take with you when you make a payment. We do offer an online payment option which you might also find easier. By logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) you can make an online card payment or set-up a monthly DIrect Debit. Head over to the ‘Payments’ page if these options might be easier than a trip to the PayPoint.


Exact appearance may vary


If you’re having any difficulty accessing your new OVO online account, we’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team who can help trouble-shoot any issues.


Hope this helps.