SSE to Ovo - billing cycle confusion

  • 22 September 2022
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At SSE my parents were on 6-monthly, paper billing to accurate readings. Since their account was transferred in June, the only bill they have received is an amended bill from SSE after I provided their readings on Sept 1st. Yet their Ovo online account is showing monthly bills. I spoke to 3 people on chat last week and they all said my parents would get a 3 monthly paper bill in the post shortly and then disappeared. If that's true then why does the online account show monthly bills, none of which have been received in the post. Is this really how Ovo works or were the 3 chat advisors all wrong?


Secondly, on rebilling the last bill on the SSE account, it has left a debit amount on there, since the credit had already been transferred to the Ovo account. Does that debit now get transferred across as well?


I also have an email saying their direct debit is going to change,  but they have not received that notification in the post.  I have access to their online account to help resolve issues but they are elderly and need the paper correspondence to actually know what's going on.  Right now, I can't even explain what's going on!  Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

3 replies

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Hey @Tk_rtmt,


Sorry for the issues you’ve had.


It sounds like the delay in your parents bill may be due to the SSE re-bill as OVO has to open the account to the exact same reading SSE closes to. I think they may have been affected by the following issue:



With the final balance changing following the re-bill from SSE, your parents may see a ‘balance adjustment’ when they receive their OVO bill. We have a great guide about this topic:



The reason the Online Account says monthly bills is because OVO didn’t issue quarterly bills, we have a live billing platform and send monthly statements. However, some SSE customers who had quarterly bills weren’t changed to monthly when they switched over. 


Hope this helps. 

Hi @Emmanuelle_OVO. Thanks for the response - it helps a little. However, I'm still not clear on whether my parents are actually on a quarterly billing cycle or not. 


They do not wish to be on monthly billing as they do not want to send in meter readings every month and do not want smart meters.  Does the fact we see monthly bills on the online account mean they HAVE been automatically switched to monthly billing, or are they actually on quarterly billing and those monthly statements are a type of secondary tracking?


Is it possible that just because we had an SSE online account, Ovo have incorrectly assumed that they do not require paper bills and correspondence?

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Hey @Tk_rtmt,


Thank you for your response.


Sorry, think I misunderstood you before, if your parents get monthly statements then they are on monthly billing. When they receive a bill, they will have 14 days to pay it if they aren’t on direct debit. 


OVO’s systems are built to facilitate monthly billing. Especially in this volatile market we think it’s beneficial for customers to know what they are using month on month instead of getting a large winter bill for 3 months. 


If they don’t want to send in monthly readings then we’d advise they get a smart meter fitted. We have some great guides you might find helpful:



They might also be eligible for the Priority Services Register, where they can opt in for quarterly meter readings. A meter reader will come to their property every 3 months to take a read.


Check out this useful tutorial about our live billing system and monthly summaries it should answer any questions you have:



Hope this helps.