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  • 24 November 2022
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The account is trying to send me emails every 30 mins.

The problem is that email does not have any valid MX records, neither does it have a valid DMARC or SPF registration therefore my email server is rejecting the messages as ‘ Could not complete sender verify’. Meaning it does very much look like SPAM.

The problem is that, that server is still trying to send me emails every 30 mins with over 150 attempts made so far over the last four days.

I have tried raising this with SSE but to no avail.

Can you get this stopped please. Thanks.

5 replies

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Escalating to @Tim_OVO and @Emmanuelle_OVO . Please wait for a reply.

Thank you. And apologies for duplication.

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No worries. I think it’s easiest to keep things in this thread from here. :)

But I won’t ask for anything to be deleted. I think it makes sense to keep both sides as they are.


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Hi @AdrianH - heads up that I’ve replied to your other topic about this and I will send you a private message shortly. Let’s make this topic thread the go to though as the solution may help others that follow and I want to make it easy to find.