Signed up for tarriff I don't want

Hi there. Has anyone else out there had the same experience as me. I was checking to see if my latest bill was available on the OVO app when I noticed they were offering me one and two year fixed deals. I innocently clicked on the link to see how much it would be, only to find that I was instantly signed up for a two-year fixed contract which I didn't want. I now have to go through the process of trying to get them to cancel it within 14 days. Is it just me that thinks this is outrageous. Surely there should be a minimum of two steps to allow you to first see the rates they are going to charge you so that you can decide whether it is something you want or not. I am absolutely horrified that OFGEN allows them to do it.

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This has just happened to me.  I didn’t even click on the link though - I did look at all the rates and when I checked around, there were advisors saying to stick to the variable account as you were protected with the price cap - so thought I would stick with that.  Have now sent off a few emails to them and will waste half my morning on Monday calling. I am furious with them also. Very bad practice.

Hi Louneleon, hopefully your email message is sufficient to cancel the contract, especially as they advise you that the phones are very busy just now. Everybody seems to be using covid as an excuse for bad service these days!!! If they don't remedy the problem pdq I'll be on to OFGEN about it. 

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Just stopping by as one of the forum volunteers.

Firstly, it may be worth me mentioning that if you’re currently on a variable rate tariff, making any changes to your plan will take effect immediately, although you retain the option of the cooldown period and can revert back fee-free within 14 days. You will need to do this by phone however, as OVO requires verbal consent to do this. Emails won’t usually be accepted.

It is intended that you get a chance to review your options first and this sounds more like a bug in the app than anything else. I’ll get @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO on the case with that one. However, if you did NOT receive an email confirmation of the tariff change AND the OVO Energy app isn’t showing any signs of your new tariff either on the home page or under Account > Plan, then your plan likely hasn’t been changed at all.

The best time to call is from Tuesday morning onwards. Calling on a Monday morning is the worst possible time because you will get snarled up with literally everyone else trying to call in at the first possible chance. I promise you that waiting until Tuesday is worth the wait, the queue will be much faster!

Also, please don’t send more than one email at once, sending several will only slow down the response time as they all then have to be read before you can get any reply to any of them.

As for staying variable? Personally… I’m not in agreement there. We’re at the point of diminishing returns because in about four and a half months time, the current price cap will expire and the rates will likely shoot up again. Going onto fixed rate now will lock in the agreed rate for far longer than any price cap ever will and may save you more money in the long run, even if it may seem more expensive initially. Now is the perfect time in my opinion to lock in a fixed rate, because the rates won’t exactly have changed much since April and it’s too soon for suppliers to start raising them ahead of the winter season yet.

Unfortunately, I cannot overpower the juggernaut that is Martin Lewis, but I would strongly encourage you to reconsider your options carefully before you commit to any further changes to your tariff.

I’d also like to give you a heads up that you cannot approach Ofgem regarding complaints. If you have a problem with your account, it’s best to check out first and contact the Support Team if you’re still stuck. If that fails to resolve your issue, the next step is the complaints process via but please give the main team a chance to solve the problem first as you may get lucky.

Only if that process fails you after eight weeks of raising the complaint or you get a deadlock letter from OVO, can you then escalate it further to the Energy Ombudsman. Ofgem has delegated complaints handling to the ombudsman, which is why you cannot go to Ofgem directly, otherwise you will be referred back to OVO.

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Just wanted to step in here to clarify, an accidental renewal can be cancelled via phone, email or webchat within the first two weeks of your new plan, @Robch and @Louneeleon.


It’s disappointing to hear you both found the online renewal feature confusing and this is feedback I shall be passing on to the team. Once notified that you don’t wish to continue with the contract, our Support Team can easily get this reversed so I’m hoping you’ve both managed to get in touch. 


Let us know if you need any more help or advice here,

Hi Jess, thanks for the reassuring response. As I've already emailed the support team I'll wait for them to reply before doing anything else. With regard to the problem of the app not allowing me to review the offer prior to accepting it I trust this will be addressed by the development team.



Hi Jess,

many thanks for the reply.  As I have emailed the tram regarding this I will await a response- my contract does not end until 28th June, so it’s not yet changed anyway.  Hopefully this glitch will be rectified.



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Every valid bug report raised on the forum gets passed on to the right teams. Whether it's posted by myself using my template, a forum volunteer helping someone out or a member like yourselves flagging up an issue, it all gets passed on.

In some cases, one of us might ask for some extra info before getting Tim or Jess involved as that can sometimes help to locate the bug. This one might take a few weeks to fully resolve, but no doubt you’ll get an update to the app with the fix sooner or later. It may also be noted in the update notes as well.

If I spot anything, I’ll try to come back to this thread.