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Hehehe, are you trying to score a Bug Hunter badge @TomThumb ? Nice catch!

Should be an easy fix that won’t take more than 30 seconds to actually deploy. @Tim_OVO lunch time! :rofl:

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Wowza good spot, @TomThumb - time to flag this mi thinks! Leave it with me. 



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Nice one, @TomThumb - we’re getting this fixed now. 


Also, nice badge….. :bug::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For clarification the self service reward reference on my renewal comes from my account that still resides on the old billing system.

As you would expect, there is no mention of the ssr on the renewal for my other account over on the new billing platform.



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Nice one, @TomThumb - we’re getting this fixed now. 

@Tim_OVO  A heads up, if the self service reward notification has been fixed, it hasn’t been fully resolved, 

on a clean browser so not a cache image my end, the “return to my ovo” takes me back to the home page 👌

The browser back button takes me to “choose your new plan” page & the ssr quote 🙈


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Thanks for flagging this, @TomThumb aka bug hunter. 


Can you help me confirm a few things: is this for your one gas supply on the old legacy billing platform? 


How do you get to this error message page? 





Is it after viewing renewal options and selecting ‘Renew now’ on this page? :





If it is, is the Self Service Reward option visible the first time?

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You are correct @Tim_OVO  this renewal relates to my traditional gas meter that still resides on the legacy billing platform.

On my Ovo homepage, the link “Chose my energy plan” takes me to the page

Sorry, you can’t renew online yet
We aren't currently able to renew your account online. Please call us on 0330 303 5063 and we'll get you renewed!

The browser back button take me to the “Chose your new plan” with the ssr notification 

OR  the link to “Return to My OVO” takes me back to my homepage.


On a side note, I did have a second window open just to compare how the legacy / orian platform compared, unfortunately on the new tariff comparison pages on the orian platform, I inadvertently hit the 12 month better energy tab, to my amazement, there is Not a 2nd confirmation or acknowledgement page before committing to any action. I had unintentionally signed up!!!

 With this error, I immediately called OVO to cancel this renewal as it had been applied by mistake, this was quickly resolved by OVO & my renewal has been reversed. 

A 1 click approach to renewal is all well & good, but add in the comments of the customer service agent of

“you are not the first & I doubt you will be the last to have done this in error”

Maybe suggests a second confirmation page is needed ???


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Thanks again, @TomThumb - passed on both of these points to the relevant teams. :bug::cowboy: