Scan the QR Code on my bill

  • 14 January 2022
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My bill says I can scan the QR code to compare prices from other providers but the QR code seems to be misconfigured because it tries to make a telephone call to my MPAN


How do I get this fixed?




4 replies

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Hey @andrewg !

Nice catch you got there! I’ve never even thought of that one. However, I can reproduce this issue using Oshawott, except that it actually tries to save a bunch of data to Samsung Notes in my case. It’s possible different devices handle that QR Code in different ways.

I’ll get @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO on the case for this one as they’ll need to chat with the team. Bear with us for a bit as they might not be back until Monday morning.

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Wow some great spotting on this QR bug, @andrewg:bug:


I’ll take this one away to the team as this certainly doesn’t sound right (and thanks to @Blastoise186 for confirming it’s not just a one-off glitch!)


That said, times are fairly challenging in the energy market at the moment which is why you might be struggling to use the usual price comparison websites to compare deals. We’ve covered this in more detail in our FAQs and Blog.


Is it renewal time, @andrewg ?


Hi @Jess_OVO not until May, but I was looking for those handy annual consumption figures. I couldn’t see them on my bill and thought the QR code may reveal them but it tried to call someone with a very unusual looking number :)

Good luck fixing this



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Getting ahead of the game in terms of planning for your renewal then, @andrewg.


If you’re still looking for those annual consumption figures the best place to check would be the ‘Plan’ page of your Online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS):


Exact appearance may vary

:point_up: The ‘Future annual consumption’ figure is what you’re after.


Hope this helps in researching your options - Thanks again for catching that QR bug!