Re-locating gas and electricity meter - can OVO help?

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I am doing some work on my house and planning to knock through a wall in kitchen. Unfortunately the electricity metre is on the wall that needs to be chocked down. It needs to be moved to the opposite wall about a meter. With the gas meter once the knock through happens it will be in the middle of the room, so need to move it about 1.5m. Has any one done moving of utility metres before..? Can OVO do this for me..?

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@Emmastar from what I remember reading on here it involves both OVO and your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).


I think the DNO needs to move the supply first then OVO will move the meter. They are cost implications depending on the complexaty of the job. Also prepare to be off supply for a day.


The customer care team will be able to provide specifics and the easiest way to minimise disruption. 

Hello, I hope someone can help me find some answers. We planning to install a new front door and close out the spare space we have meanning we would be enclosing both of our meters. I was told by the builder that they can’t do the job as it is against the law to have meters enclosed and they need to be moved outside. If that is the case, can Ovo help and do DNO need to be involved? It would be moving outside so don’t think any extensions will be needed. Or maybe there is no such law forbidding to have meters inside the building? Thank you.


Thank you so much for a great advise @Transparent and @Jess_OVO ! If we don’t need to move the meters to the outside for us to install additional door then it is great as the builder really upset me yesterday saying this would be illegal and cause all sort of risks. We will install a nice cupboard for the meters and it will be easily accessible. We also have an engineer coming in to install the new smart meters on the 20th so will get their view too. Have a great day

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@Karnak @akaLoops @Tim_OVO

Meter moves do vary, every case is different because basically it is work that the gas or electricity transporters do not want to do. In the past, in my metering days I have heard quotations of over £1,000 just for moving a meter to an outside wall, a move of about 1 foot!

In saying that, sometimes, if it suits them, the transporters will do it for nothing. @Karnak I would have thought that with a meter in a living room that squeaks you really want it moving; personally I would play the H&S card in that case, tell them you are worried about having a gas meter in your living room and that you are concerned about the smell you sometimes get and that you have aspergers you might get it moved for nothing.

@akaLoops this is a difficult one as per my first paragraph you might get a massive quotation, although its worth asking, it will be National Grid's gas transporter Cadent who will provide the quote. Is there any way you can design the extension to avoid having to move the meter?
Hi @akaLoops It appears this may need to be a conversation with someone from OVO customer support. I would advice you give them a call and find out what the best option would be.

Phone number 0330 303 5063
Let us know how you get on
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Hi Nancy

I sent in the photo 2 months ago under my username RobL when I started this quest, to help I’ve attached it again.  I gave Ovo customer services the information than I’ve already put on this forum, and they initially said “you don’t need to insulate behind the meter”, before coming to the conclusion they couldn’t do it because it was outside.   While it’s true that I don’t “need” to insulate behind the meter, it will be a significant heat loss if I don’t.  I’m sure the meter could physically be moved easily, as the feeder pipe is just in earth. 

Thanks for the positive vibes, but as I said, I phoned, I emailed, they ‘phoned then they emailed “no due to outside”.  I think every contact was with a different person, so I’m not confident that the person calling had seen the photo etc, maybe that was what went wrong?



Thanks, Ovo we’re v helpful, they can relocate within 2 meters for £145. But anything more and you have to contact the gas supplier, the quote I have received from them, excluding digging the access trench, is £500!
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Before your Smart meters get installed on 20th @Eirida can you check if there’s an earth wire connected to the output pipe from your gas meter?

Your photo shows four earth-wires connecting to the consumer unit, but all disappear into the wall in the opposite direction.

The installer won’t proceed unless there is an earth-bond within 600mm of the point of entry to the house. So I would expect to see it connected to the vertical pipe on the far (right hand) side of the existing gas meter.

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If the reply to the email was from an agent in our Siteworks team they would’ve been best placed to help with this, @RobL. As the meter is outside this is something the gas transporter would need to help with. 

Hi. Need to move an existing smart meter due to proposed extension works. It’s already external and needs to move c4 metres to the front of the property (on the existing). What’s the approximate cost for this and who do I need to speak to, to get this move done?

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This is a big job,@PhilBell, so we'll need to help from the National Grid. You'll need to pay us to relocate the meter this costs £145, there will also be another charge from the National Grid - you'll need to get in touch with them for a quote.

To get this booked in you'll need to call our Customer Care team as well as the National Grid. You can find out who takes care of your gas pipes here. Our team are available weekdays 8am-6pm on 0330 303 5063.

As soon as your meter has been re-positioned we'll exchange it for a smart meter. This can be arranged here.

The meter box is your responsibility, so you can choose this yourself. Most DIY and hardware stores sell these. You could try B&Q! 🙂

Welcome to the foum, @mgilbert82 

Please check out the above answer and the topic at the top of this thread, it should hold all the info you need. 


My Electricity and Gas meters are inside my integral garage but I am considering having the meters moved to a box(s) on the outside wall of the garage. The gas meter would have to move approx 5M, the electricity meter is on the inside of the outside wall.
Do I need to get this done/approved/quote by OVO and what is the approx. cost? At present I do not have a smart meter, would it be best to have a smart meter fitted first and investigate meter moving and then move the meters at a later date.
Many thanks
Hi, We would like to turn our electric and gas meters so that they are accessible from the back wall, so that we can close the existing opening. There are numerous threads, but I haven't been able to add on to them. Any help to get this done would be most appreciated. Tried calling customer services but after a 30 min wait, I figured I'd try my chances here.

Thank you for your help.
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We would like to turn our electric and gas meters so that they are accessible from the back wall, so that we can close the existing opening.

Have a look at the convo above, @azimmm - Max's ' Best answer' advised on what is necessary.

We would love a photo of the set up so us technical folk can advise you!

EDIT - @PeterOJ this topic is well worth a read!
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Can my gas meter be moved away from the house by 150mm, and who can do this ?
It is because I am about to fit external wall insulation, and want the gas box on the final surface afterwards. Attached a pic of the meter, with the rain-cover removed so you can see it.

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Every operator has different rules but the recommended maximum height is 6 feet to the middle of the meter cabinet (assuming you are enclosing it in such)

Any higher than this and you aren’t going to get it read as meter readers aren’t allowed to climb up ladders.

As a former meter reader the highest meter I read was just under a barn roof but I was getting paid on a per meter basis otherwise i wouldn’t have bothered.

Hope that’s some help

We’d like to move our cut out, smart meter and fuse box as they are all currently situated on the site of an old door, which we’d like to reinstate. The connections engineer has been round and said it would be fine to move it to the adjoining (external) wall, which is where the main cable comes in from the outside. I understand the whole process of getting it all set up with SSE/OVO/our electrician, but I’m worried that Ovo might turn up and say that they can’t move the meter to where we want it to be. We’d like to move it above a window, so it would sit just above door height (see photo - the meter is currently behind the photo board and we want to move it to the wall above the window alcove - the top of the alcove is exactly 6ft

). The connections engineer said that sometimes suppliers do not want the meters to be placed too high up - I really don’t want to book everyone in and then find that it’s not possible.

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I’ve moved your post here, @losmith, the above thread holds some info that may be handy. 

I’m pretty sure @PeterR1947, is correct regarding the height restrictions of moving a meter, but it’s worth double checking, please reach out to our team. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter  or webchat via the Help CentreYou can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.



Every operator has different rules but the recommended maximum height is 6 feet to the middle of the meter cabinet (assuming you are enclosing it in such)

Any higher than this and you aren’t going to get it read as meter readers aren’t allowed to climb up ladders.

As a former meter reader the highest meter I read was just under a barn roof but I was getting paid on a per meter basis otherwise i wouldn’t have bothered.

Hope that’s some help

Thanks for this reply - does this still matter when we have a smart meter, which doesn’t need to be read?


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We’ll still be required to read the meter regardless of whether you have smart meters, @losmith, it’s worth getting in touch just to double check! :)

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Welcome @Eirida ! :)

I think I can answer this one. If you’re currently supplied by OVO, then yep. OVO can indeed assist with relocating your meters. You may also need to get your local DNO and Gas Transporter involved as well, but we be able to give you advice on how to contact them right here on the forum. All I’d need to ask there is which county you’re in, so that I can check which DNO/GT covers your area. You can find OVO’s job list and prices over here too.

It sounds like your builder is correct in that you’re not allowed to move the meters yourself, but you can have them moved indoors if you wish. I would suggest asking the Support Team for help as they might need to run through a few checks. I know loads of people who have both meters inside the house, so I can’t see too much of a problem here. If a meter reader stops by, they’ll need to knock your door and greet you anyway, regardless of where the meters are.

Thanks for the reply @Blastoise186. We were not planning to move them ourselves, to be honest not planned to move them at all until today when told that the new door can’t be installed due to meters can’t be enclosed and need to stay outside the house. We would like them moved outside the house, gas would move about 50cm, for the electricity it would be around 1m-1.3m. I am confused a bit as read some posts where people have their meters in the kitchen or living room. 
We live in Berkshire, if you could let me know DNO contact details that would be great. Will they be able to tell me if they need to get involved? I rather they don’t due to costs 😊

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I can indeed.

I think your DNO is UK Power Networks, and you can find their details in this handy guide we created. :)

They’ll hopefully be able to tell you if they need to step in or not. Some DNO’s like Western Power Distribution are amazing - WPD really cares about great service and would most likely tell you in a heartbeat. But unfortunately WPD isn’t your DNO in this case.

Personally, I don’t see any need to move your meters in this case, but definitely feel free to ask OVO. I think you’ll be glad to know I also like to be @Transparent where possible. So I’ll borrow the experience that Transparent has too. :)

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Hi @Eirida - yes I’m well aware of the ‘rules’ concerning the re-location of meters. There is no law as such about where meters may be moved to.

There used to be such a ‘principle’ prior to the roll-out of Smart Meters. That principle was to have meters sited within enclosures on the outside of a building, such that they could be read without an appointment being made to enter the premises.

The guidelines are implemented by your local Gas Distribution Network (GDN) operator and electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO). The latter have an umbrella organisation, called the Electricity Networks Association (ENA) which assists with harmonising those guidelines across DNOs.

There is a stronger case for any relocation of a gas meter to require that it be within an external enclosure. That allows the shut-off valve handle to be accessible from outside in the case of emergency, and reduces the risk of gas escape inside the property. So if you want it moved such that it should be within the house then you’ll need to have a pretty good reason why!

A GDN will typically charge about £150 for a gas meter relocation into an enclosure which has been provided by you (via your builder). You will then need to employ a Gas Safe engineer to connect your internal pipework to that new position, and an electrician to connect and test the safety earth to that pipework within 600mm of the entry point to the building. That’s four possible bills:

  • builder for installing the enclosure
  • GDN to move the meter feed pipe
  • Gas-Safe engineer for internal pipes
  • electrician for earthing

And that’s why it’s worthwhile seeking advice from OVO who may be able to coordinate this within a one-off fee and avoid issues where part of the work straddles two tradesmen. The meter is in any case their responsibility.


Turning to the matter of electricity: If @Blastoise186 is correct that UK Power Networks is your DNO, then you should read their website page about moving meters… and especially Point-3.

In some cases a DNO will require that the cable feed to your house is upgraded and the Service Fuse capacity increased. This would apply for example if it is already too small to allow for installation of an EV charger.

You should in any case consider now how you are going to heat the house within the next few years. If a Heat pump is a possibility, then this is the moment when your DNO are within their rights to require that your supply is changed to 3-phase.

This depends on factors not known to you or your builder, such as the available spare capacity of the local substation transformer and the associated underground feed cables.

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@MaggieP did you manage to this sorted? It would depend on how far you needed the pipework moving. We'd need more detail or a picture to be able to confirm.

@RobL we'd be able to do this for you, the cost would be £106 for us to send someone out to complete this work for you. Just get in touch with our Care team directly on 0330 303 5063 and they'll be able to get this booked in for you.