Post a comment here if the online account smart daily usage problem (multiple days of the same usage/spend) is fixed for you!

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This fault is meant to have been fixed. There is likely to be more than one root cause, but we refer to this class of error as “Missing data”. 

There’s no need to “apportion” usage equally over these days. When the Meter-Read command is eventually successful, the half-hourly readings for each day are picked up anyway. Currently the new Billing System ignores these, although they can be seen on our Usage graphs.

We’ve been discussing this for many months now.

The problem (or feature) is that the data from the SMETS meter when the connection is reestablished is not all sent simultaneously.

It will get the total and current readings first and then backfill the daily historical data, and eventually the half hour readings so the daily and half hourly readings for a previously missing day may take a while to transfer and show up. Also cost and kWh data is sent separately so the same will happen there assuming the data in the app for cost is derived from the SMETS meter and not calculated from consumption values.

Eventually assuming nothing else is at play all the historical data should be available.

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Thanks all. I did try and find the topic before creating a new one. Strangely I didn't search for missing data (as it appears invalid rather than missing on 1st glance) 


Happy it is in the right home now!