Part of my billing history is missing since I changed plans

  • 14 June 2022
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I was moved over to OVO from SSE at the end of April. In May I signed up for Better Smart 1 Year Fixed, by accident (my fault). I am now back on the Simpler Energy, but my online billing history balance has not been updated since I changed to Simpler Energy on 8th June.

I have had the email to confirm that I am on the variable rate, and support have confirmed that my meter readings are going through, but neither the readings nor the standing charges are showing on my account.

I have been assured that, once I get my first bill from OVO in July all will be sorted, but after the stress I experienced trying to go back to variable from fixed (being charged exit fees despite being within the cooling-off period) , I am not feeling very confident.



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I’m so sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had getting your accidental renewal cancelled, @rjsimmonds.


Sounds like you’ve already been in touch with the Support Team to report the resulting billing issues so I’m hopeful these will sort themselves out following your next monthly summary. This sounds very similar to the issue raised here previously so keep us posted, it’s really helpful to others who might notice a similar billing pause in future.

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Hi Jess.

Yes, there seems to be a glitch when moving from a Fixed plan to Variable. I’ll see what happens around the 27th June, which is my next monthly summary, and get back to you.

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Just a quick update. 

I came to the end of my June billing period yesterday, and when I checked my account this morning, my billing history is now up-to-date and accurate, so all is well. 🙂