OVO don't seem able to bill me for gas despite many communications

 OVO have agreed I have a problem with a specific type of meter. I haven’t been billed for gas usage since December 2021. I send meter readings on time every month. I have had long telephone conversations with agreement there is an issue. It was supposed to have been escalated to be resolved in May. I have had my June 2022 billing but the issue is still there. I have received a discount for the inconvenience being caused.  Has anyone found the way to solve the issue as OVO don’t appear to be able to resolve this.

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I’m sorry to hear about this issue, @postboxmary - what a pain!


As the time frame you were given has now been missed, I’d recommend you chase up a fix to this issue via our Support team. If you’ve already done this and hence had that discount applied to your account, I’m hoping you were also given a time frame for a fix?


Make sure you keep that Direct Debit payment active so you build up a credit balance in your OVO account ready for when the gas charges are applied .


I hope this gets sorted quickly,

Hello Tim, 

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have done everything you suggest. I have kept up the DD payments and built a credit balance and still awaiting a gas billing.               

Are you suggesting that is down to me to contact the sales support team again or could I be optimistic and hope for a very quick response now to my many requests.

I too hope it gets sorted quickly, but my quickly and OVO’s appear to be very different


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Sorry to hear about the ongoing issue with your gas billing, @postboxmary.


As you mention contacting the team previously I’m wondering whether the Support Team may have raised the issue to our billing team to get things sorted. This may explain the delay, but the Support Team can check this for you if any promised time frames have now passed. The quickest way to reach the team is often via our webchat which you can access here.


I hope this helps get things back on track.