no usage reading for 5 days

anyone else had a lack of usage readings this week. They claim its my online account but my daughter 40 miles away getting same thing.

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you are not alone OVO Is very good saying it is your equipment, what it is really saying is the “Tech team” are not very good at sorting their problems out my account has not had any gas usage for the last 3 days spoke with them and told by them remove app reinsert and try again still the same.  You know it is going to take their “Tech Team” a lot more time to sort out and post it to their website. In the meantime you are left wondering if they are going to hit you with exorbitant monies owing. 

Thats what i have been told that it was my online account but my daughter having same issues. You would think that they would send a message out telling us as they have the system to do so. I have been with them for years and they do seem to be going downhill a little. This is not the first time as they are often behind but not 5 days behind. Thanks for getting back to me tho. 

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Know what you mean about going downhill, been with them for years but since they have got bigger now exactly like the big companies not really worried about upsetting a few consumers as they have plenty more. Just finding it upsetting that a few consumers are not worth their worry.

Same here, no gas readings since the 15th May. Been with OVO since mid 2017 since moving from the awful npower. Gradually the service seems to be declining over the last 18 months so maybe time for a switch when a few more options become available.

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I went 5 days last week without gas readings. It’s an intermittent occurrence with Ovo.