No Statements available and if I try to download my latest I get one from 2019

  • 22 June 2022
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Anybody else getting the same problem. I can’t down load my latest statement and if I try I get a statement from 2019. My OVO home keeps asking for meter readings when I’m on a smart meter which are working or OVO couldn’t give me last months synopsis of the bill.

Is OVO still functioning?

1 reply

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This is an odd one, @tonyp227 - thanks for flagging it. 


I can view and download all of my bills via my online account's ‘Billing history’. What do you see when you’re in this section? Have you been able to access this area before?


If it turns out there is an issue with your online account or something account specific, you’re best action is to let our Support team know directly so they can get it flagged and fixed directly to the team that managed the platform.