No statement since 1st December and no response to emails

I have been trying to contact OVO since 21st December with a simple question, but have had no response other than hello@ovo is no longer monitored and from complaints@ovo saying I am not sending from my registered address, which is not true.

I have not had an account statement since 1st December, but again no reply to my emails about this.

I have just posted a letter to OVO - in this day and age !!!! - to try to get some sort of response.

I have been a customer of OVO from the very earliest days. What has happened to what was once a very good customer service?

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Your best options are actually to use Live Chat via or phone 0330 303 5063. Email has always been the slowest option and OVO is currently focused more on the faster routes.

Letters sent in by post will still receive a full response however.

Any time I look I only see: “Messaging is unavailable now”

I am unable to sit on hold on a phone call while at work.

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It’s working for me right now

Not for me.

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You probably already know this. 

You can double check your registered name, address, email address and account number on this page

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You can send OVO a private message via their official Twitter and Facebook pages.

The OVO staff their can access your account. They are official OVO Support channels.

In the private message you need to include your name, address, account number and date of birth for security purposes. 

Sorry, but don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I refuse to hand money to Zuckerberg or Musk.

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If you can’t use Live Chat, you can also call 0330 303 5063

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Hey @Hadders52,


Sorry to hear this. Have you had any luck?


We might be able to help with your query here on the Forum? 


The best answer in this thread provides all of our communication channels. 



I have had no luck in making on-line contact at all. I still see ‘messaging unavailable’ I can’t make phone calls at work (I work in a recording studio, so being on hold on a phone while recording is just not possible). I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, I have had no replies to multiple emails - been trying since 21st December.

I guess I will have to wait for a response from my snail mail.

OVO customer support used to be excellent. I have been an OVO customer from the very early days.

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@Hadders52 you could post a 1 star review on the ovo trustpilot site

The ovo staff there can access your account. They usually reply in a day or two. 

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Hey @Hadders52,


Sorry to hear this,


If you don’t want to discuss your issue publicly, I’ll ask Forum_Support to get in touch via private message. 


Hope this helps. 

I am quite happy to discuss my question.

First of all - why no statement since 1st December.

Second - I am being shown multiple tariffs in different communications. What is my real tariff?

I am shown one tariff in my December statement, another tariff in my on-line account details   and yet another tariff in the letter from OVO notifying me of price increases in January. And how is the new tariff that I am going to be charged from January derived?

Third - what is the calculation used to arrive at a tariff for Economy7 ? Without this information I cannot make an informed decision whether to combine my two Economy 7 rates into a single capped rate.



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As one in a similar situation, I’ll have a go at answering your questions. However, it does rather depend on whether you have a functioning smart meter or not, and if you do, what interval that meter is sending readings at. It also depends on how you pay: by direct debit, on receipt of bill or in advance. Without this information, no-one can say why you’ve yet to receive your bill for December.

The statement you received in December will show the tariff rates in force in the period it covers. Unless there has been a change of tariff - e.g. because a fixed-price plan came to an end - these rates should be the same as the ones in the bills for 1 October 2022 onwards. They are shown on the bill without VAT, which is then added as a separate item in the details of charges.

Your online account will show the rates applying from 1 January 2023, at which point Economy 7 customers saw a significant increase in the night rate. The rates are  shown on the Plan page, where again they are shown without VAT.

In the letter or email informing you about forthcoming price increases, the rates given will be shown including VAT. This may be the reason for your confusion; you should see this in the letter: “All prices and costs shown above include VAT at 5%. Your unit rates and standing charges might show differently on your bills.

How a supplier arrives at the tariffs it quotes is a closely-guarded secret. They depend on many factors, not least of which is your location. The rule of thumb has traditionally been that a customer should be consuming more than 40% of the total at the off-peak rate for it to be cheaper to be on an Economy 7 tariff. 


Thank you for this. I hadn’t factored in the VAT but will check that tonight. That might explain some of the discrepancies, but I think my on-line account must still be showing my tariff from January 2022 rather than 2023.