Moving from fixed rate to variable rate

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Anyone had any issues automatically moving from an ovo fixed rate to their variable rate tariff?

Mine appeared to work fine. I can see the new tariff details on the plan page, my daily smart meter readings are still coming through and i can see the daily readings on the accounts page on the app.

However the bills themselves stopped updating, both the standing charges and the usage. So only show a single day on the old tariff. 

I haven't had any luck with customer support over the last week. First they said they could see the bills were not updating, then they said they were yesterday , but in reality they haven't when i look unless i am missing something obvious. 

Is this something to do with having multiple tariffs on a single bill due to the auto switch at the end of my fixed term? 



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This is a strange one, @Jeffus and certainly not what we’d expect to happen when starting a new plan.


As you mention raising this one to the team already I’ll be sending you a PM to follow-up on this directly.


Thanks for your patience whilst we get things back on track. 🙂

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Yes, very strange both the standing charges and usage have stopped updating on the bill at the time of the switch in tariff. 

Everything else including smart meter readings, usage graphs both in units and pounds, plan info etc. seems fine on the website and app. 

The Today's balance is also stuck which makes sense if the bill is stuck


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As you mention we’re still receiving you smart meter readings, @Jeffus, so the good news is the live billing pause isn’t a sign that we’ve lost smart meter communication.


I’ve forwarded this to the billing team so will update you directly with any updates.


Hope we can get things back on track.

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