Meter reading submissions ignored

I have been trying to submit my meter readings for months and have tried via the following channels:

  • Online
  • Support Chat
  • Phone call to support
  • Support phone call passed over to billing

Each time the reading is registered as OK but in the end ignored and my meter reading stays the same as it was in January.

I am a customer recent transferred over from Southern. 

My meter reading history is one I managed to submit in Jan 2022 and then various spurious ones from 2018 which are higher than 2022 for some reason. Presumably the heuristics behind the submission process are rejecting the submissions for some reason.



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Hi @guyrichardson and welcome to OVO and to our online community here.


As you mention your account has recently joined us from SSE I’m wondering whether this could be complicating the meter reading correction. There’s a similar issue discussed in the thread below.



Have you received an opening bill from OVO yet?

Thanks Jess,

I think things are a little different in that I was *relatively* lucky during the initial migration - my electricity came through OK and my initial gas bill was from SSE and I was able to adjust the estimate on this to a real reading.

I’m assuming the problem now is around a gap in readings from SSE with the last previous one (before Jan) being a weird one from 2018 (I can no longer login to SSE to verify this). i.e. The billing history in my account has 

Jan 2022: 17000 ish
Jan 2018: 24000 ish

Ironically my billing history has a set of bills going back to Jan 2020 which all contain meter readings for gas.

Any ideas?


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That is a strange one, @guyrichardson.


Obviously unless a meter’s faulty we’d never expect the reading to be lower than a previous reading so not sure if the Jan 2018 reading was submitted manually, or a mis-estimate? 


I suspect if the readings you’re entering now aren’t showing up on your account, we may need to go back and get your migration meter reading corrected. This process can take several weeks to complete but the Support team should be able to check the status of this for you. I’d recommend getting in touch via our webchat which you can find here.


Hope this helps get things back on track.