Make a top-up payment or increase direct debit - you, the customer's choice. Or is it ?

  • 19 March 2023
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Bit miffed about this.  I don’t like to stir the pot as there’s enough grief going on around us in the world but…..


On 9th March I received an advisory email stating that even though I had a fairly considerable amount in credit, it was ‘advised’ that to ensure the account was kept on track for the year, I had the choice of either making a top-up payment OR increasing the direct debit.  On the information OVO supplied, I took their advice and chose the top-up payment - which was duly acknowledged within a matter of moments of receipt.


Ten days later (today) I’ve received another message stating ;


We got in touch recently to ask you to increase your Direct Debit, so that your monthly

payments match your energy use and costs - and you won’t have to pay a lump sum if you were to leave OVO.

Because you haven’t increased your Direct Debit, we’re now doing it automatically for you.”


What the Hell are you lot playing at ?  You gave me a choice - which was duly accepted and  acknowledged.  I guess this is all bot driven but for goodness sake, why offer something - which is then acceded to, only to discover that you’re going to do exactly what you want to anyway ?  Does that now mean I can reclaim the lump sum I willingly paid back because your algorithms are working to some different agenda ?  


OVO aren’t doing themselves any favours in pumping out this kind of drivel if it isn’t going to stand by what they’re actually offering the customer.  You’d probably be better off just saying you’re going to do X or Y and then go ahead and do it.  Oh, wait……


Not impressed.



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Hey @KevinJH,


Really sorry to hear this,


I’d advise checking your direct debit review calculator to see if it’s taken into account your current credit balance including the top up payment you’ve made:



If you feel that your direct debit review is unfair or inaccurate please contact our payment support team who can put your direct debit on a 3 month review suspension. Please ensure there is an up to date meter reading on your account or the calculations for the direct debit will be based on estimated usage. 


Hope this helps.