iOS OVO Energy App in a funny state after failed switch - Bug Report

  • 8 November 2021
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Advanced Warning: This is an incredibly dull topic…..

So this evening I tried to log into my OVO iOS app to see if I could help another member solve a problem… I wasn’t sure if it would work, as I am not currently on supply with OVO.

It seems to have got itself into a funny state after my failed switch and apparently I am coming on supply today! Yay! (I am not…..)

The website version seems to been more in sync with reality:


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s thrilling instalment where I check to see if the iOS app says I will be on supply on the 9th…..

Joking aside this is probably a bug for the app team, but lower priority of a corner case, i.e. former customer with failed switch. 

3 replies

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LOLOLOLOLOL! I love it! Nice catch!

Former customer or not, a bug is a Bug if it gets my approval on here, that’s for sure. And I definitely agree that this shouldn’t happen.

I’m an evil genius though, and submitting this myself sounds too much like hard work, time to delegate! I’ll get @Tim_OVO on the case for this one. XD

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yup, you guessed it, it now shows 9th November….



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An update on this one - I flagged this issue to our App team who were keen to investigate things further.


This wasn’t a bug that they’d been aware of so a big thanks on their behalf for bringing this to our attention so we can work on a fix!


Is that a new ‘Bug Hunter’ badge I spot there, @Mw2870:bug: