I've just moved from SSE to OVO - Why has my account balance changed?

  • 15 December 2021
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So I was moved from sse to ovo and I had 189 credit on my account gets to ovo and they are saying it was a debt and I now owe a migration balance, but it isn't just that now it says I owe 241 when i pay monthly for my bills I don't understand where this random amount has come from and why it keeps going up. I even gave manual readings 


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Hey there @Katie-1765 !

Welcome to OVO. I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers who helps out here. Just to give you a quick heads up, as a volunteer I can’t access or make changes to your account, but I can help out with general advice.

Hopefully you’re enjoying the experience overall, but it’s understandable that things can be a bit shaky at times. My suspicion is that your account is still migrating and some of your SSE balance might not have migrated over yet - if this is the case, it should catch up soon. Please try to login to your SSE online account to see if there’s a final bill there, it will definitely help to solve the puzzle!

OVO’s billing platform is also designed to work on a more real-time basis, so this is different from what you’re used to with SSE. While the bills will still come through on the same schedule, the following events will cause the balance to update:

  • Standing Charges - shortly after midnight each day
  • Meter readings of any type - usually within 90 seconds of submission
  • Refunds - usually the same day the refund is approved
  • Credits e.g. Warm Home Discount - will show up as soon as it’s deposited
  • Payments in - these will show up once the payment clears and Direct Debits will take three working days after the date the money leaves your bank. Card payments will process within five minutes though
  • Manual adjustments by OVO’s Support Team - usually as corrections to fix problems

If you still can’t solve the puzzle, don’t worry. There’s a dedicated team handling new members transferring from SSE and you can reach them by calling 0345 0260 712. They’ll be happy to investigate for you and if needed, they can force the credit to transfer over.

If you need a hand with anything else, feel free to stop by anytime.


As well as the great advice given by our community volunteer we’ve put together some FAQs for member joining OVO from SSE - check them out here


We’ve also copied the additional info from this topic on the same query:


“It sounds like you might’ve been affected by an issue with the meter readings we’ve used to open your new OVO account.

If there is a potential issue with this reading our Support Team should be able to help get things sorted. They may request another set of meter readings to help recalculate what the reading should’ve been around the date your account moved over. 

Depending the difference between the readings, we may need to get this verified by the energy industry  by following a process known as a ‘Read Dispute’ - you can read more about this here.


During this process your regular monthly billing will be paused whilst we look to correct the opening meter reading. It may also mean that the final SSE bill you’d previously received may need to be amended.”


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Hello @Katie-1765 and Welcome - To OVO and our lovely online community,


Can see our community volunteer has offered some tip-top advice which might explain the difference in your balance since making the transition from SSE to OVO. This sounds similar to the experience reported by another former-SSE member over here:



Had a chance to check the final statement on your SSE account which helped clear things up in this case?


We’ve also got more helpful info for members joining us from SSE on our FAQs.

Ive just been moved from sse to ovo. My Sse account was showing as over £130 in credit. now the sse app takes me to ovo website which shows only £36 credit even though Ive paid £40 DD in January so whete has my credit gone? 

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Hiya @Tara , you’re up late. :)

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers. I can’t access your account but I’m a dab hand at puzzle solving.

Firstly, you’ll no longer be able to use the MySSE app, so you might want to uninstall it. You can get the OVO Energy app for Android and iOS from the respective app stores or use the web version via though.

I’d also recommend checking your SSE online account for the Final Bill - your credit balance would have been used to pay this off just before the account transferred over and all leftover credit is being transferred. If you had Dual-Fuel with SSE, this credit might transfer over in two stages and it’ll be combined into a single balance once it reaches your new OVO account. The Final Bill should provide further details as to what happened.

As for the Direct Debit, it might just be that it’s still in transit and hasn’t reached OVO yet. It takes a further two working days after the date the money leaves your bank account before OVO receives the money and applies it to your balance. So if you only paid it this week, it might just be on the way through the banking system still.

If it doesn’t show up by this Friday though, please let the Support Team know and they’ll try to trace it for you and if needed, they can manually force it through the system. 0345 071 7972 is the dedicated number as you’ve migrated from SSE. They’ll help you out if you need them to.

If you need a hand with anything else, feel free to stop by. :)

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 Welcome @Tara - both to OVO and to our lovely little online community here - 


See you’ve already met our community volunteer, @Blastoise186, who has provided some expert tips which I hope have helped to explain the balance discrepancy you’ve spotted.


As this is something we’ve had raised here by other recently migrated SSE members we’ve also passed your feedback on to the team to make sure the advice you’ve received about the transfer of your account balance is clear enough.


Do keep us posted here if you’ve since noticed an update to your OVO account balance or have any further questions about moving from SSE to OVO. We’re always happy to help you get settled in to your new OVO online account:slight_smile:

I dont understand If I pay monthly..every month £40 how my bill could be the monthly £40s plus over £100 of credit..thats extortionate!!

Also why has the £36 credit now reduced due to paying a daily standing charge??? I pay everything monthly by DD. Never had this fiasco with sse! Cant even access bill prior to January for sse. 

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Hello again.

If you’ve checked your Final Bill from SSE and things still don’t look right, I’d definitely recommend discussing this with the Support Team on the number above, as I can’t access your account from here as a forum volunteer. While I can give general advice, this sounds very much like an account-specific issue, which I’m unable to help with. The Support Team can also send you copies of your old SSE bills via email on request at no extra charge.

As for your account balance however, don’t worry. You’ll still be billed monthly and will get monthly bills, just like you had with SSE. But if you had quarterly bills with SSE, then OVO will also issue you quarterly bills as well. However, OVO’s billing platform works a bit differently in that your account balance runs on a more real-time basis. It’s not so much a fiasco per se, and more of a feature.

The idea is that you can always see how much account credit you’ve got left right now, after all known charges have been accounted for even before the bill arrives. Most suppliers don’t do this and instead just leave the balance untouched until bills are generated, but OVO takes this approach instead to help improve accuracy and transparency with your bills. The full details can always be found under Billing History at anytime.

If you submit a meter reading for example, your account balance will update within 90 seconds to reflect that, but the actual credit won’t be “taken” from your account officially until after the next bill has been generated. It’s more of a convenience feature than anything else, but as long as your payments are going through each month, please rest assured that your account credit will not suddenly go missing without a trace.


Thanks. I will call them.

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Hope the Support Team has already managed to help get the billing discrepancies cleared up, @Tara.


Just wanted to pop back as you mentioned not being able to see any of your SSE bills from before January - Our migration team has recently advised us that when your account is moved from SSE to OVO up to 2 years worth of your previous SSE bills are also moved over, so you should be able to access these by logging in to your OVO online account and heading over to the ‘Billing history page’ - You can even download a full copy of the statements if you need to keep a record of them for future reference. Did you manage to get logged in yet, @Tara


You might also find this topic helpful:


It gives a full run-down of how our live-billing platform works. As @Blastoise186 mentioned it’s slightly different way of doing things, but we hope once you get to grips with it, you’ll see the benefit of having a more up-to date view of your account balance and what you’ve been using each month.


Let us know if you’ve got any more questions on this new way of billing, we’re keen to make sure our newly joining members have a clear understanding of the great tools available on your new online account! :slight_smile:

Another HOUR on hold, eventually to be cut off, simply attempting to find out why OVO are trying to charge me twice for the same period. Spent an hour on Friday on their chatline to an individual who claimed no payment had been made ( my bank tells me different ), who eventually cut me off!! I greatly feared this would happen when OVO took over.

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Hi @annoyed of oxon ,

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers around here. I don’t work for OVO or SSE myself so I can’t access your accounts.

What’s probably happening is that your SSE account (assuming you had one) may have taken payment right before your account began to migrate, but didn’t reach SSE in time before the migration kicked in. If this is the case, both payments should reach your account soon but if they don’t, there’s ways to trace them. You’ll only ever be expected to pay once for each period so something doesn’t quite sound right to me.

Please call the Support Team again, but this time using the number 0345 0260 712 as this gets through to the team assisting former SSE customers who recently migrated to OVO. If you ask them to trace all recent payments, chances are they’ll be able to locate it and manually link it to your account.

It’s also worth noting that payments to OVO via Direct Debit take three working days after the date the money leaves your bank account before showing up in your OVO account, as the Direct Debit processes in general run on a five working day cycle. This is a common practice to help reduce risks and confusion caused by payments that are still being processed. OVO will only know whether the payment went through or not right at the end of the cycle, so this is why the payment doesn’t show up immediately.

That’s the best advice I can offer as a forum volunteer.

My account has been transferred from SSE to OVO and on Monday the combined credit was over £700 now it’s only £355 then I had an email from SSE that I had a bill so I tried to see it but no luck and my new accounts bill history doesn’t have any bills. Has anybody else had problems 

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Hi @Gingerdax and thanks for posting this. 


Firstly I’m sorry to hear that the balance in your new OVO account doesn’t seem right. Just to clarify how things should work when your account joins us from SSE, you’ll receive a final SSE bill deducting any charges accrued up till the date your account moves across. The final balance shown on this bill will then be transferred in to your new OVO account where it will be shown as ‘migrated balance’.


Have you logged in to your OVO online account yet? By heading to the ‘billing history’ menu option you should be able to access this final SSE bill to double-check everything lines up. You should also be able to view your SSE billing history on the SSE online portal which you can access here. (The SSE app will no longer be accessible I’m afraid)


If things don’t seem to be right or you’re missing this final SSE bill we’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to report these issues directly.


I hope this helps get things back on track.


Looking for a bit of guidance please after a frustrating experience.


I recently switched from SSE to OVO. I have had what I assume to be last statements from SSE showing £606.97 in credit on gas and £561.11 in credit on electricity dated 29/06.

My OVO accounts shows an opening credit of £568.85 with subsequent payments taken of £237.00 as per direct debit and charges of £35.40 which in itself is ludicrous (108.50 kWh electricity usage in 1 day...)

This takes my total credit in my OVO account as of right now to £770.45.

£1,168.08 + £237 = £1,405.08 - £35.40 = £1,369.68

I spoke with customer services who claim not to be able to help me and I need to speak to SSE, they transferred me but I was immediately cut off. Trying to ring SSE off my own back and they are only dealing with electricity or gas emergencies not billing issues.


Any suggestions on where to go from here please?

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Turn to ‘Resolver’ to take up your case -

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Hi @lookeh - Welcome to OVO and to our online community,


Firstly I’m so sorry to hear of the billing issues you’ve noticed since your account joined us from SSE. Just to double-check, as you mention you believed you’d received your final SSE bill, have you been able to access you OVO online account yet? Following the move to OVO you should be able to access up to 2 years of your previous SSE bills via the ‘Billing history’ page, which might help get to the bottom of things.


I’m sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had raising your concerns to the Support Team. If you do notice any issues, particularly with the meter readings used on your final SSE statement or opening OVO statement our Support Team should advised on the process on getting things corrected, so I’m sorry to hear you were referred back to SSE. Just to double-check were you using the 0330 303 5063 number to reach the team?

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Hi @lookeh

This is a link to the billing history page.

I would start by checking to see if you can see up to 2 years of SSE bills and what the final bill says in case there is a later one than you currently have as @Jess_OVO has suggested. 

Do you have a working smart meter or do you submit your readings manually? 


My account was transferred in March and my credit balance wasn't transferred. Statements for Jan-Mar are not available for me to check. I'm very suspicious. I've raised a query. Has anyone has their issue resolved yet? What was the outcome?

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Sorry to hear that you’re not able to access your final SSE bill, @Purpleya.


Following the migration of your account we’d expect you to find up to 2 years worth of SSE statements via the ‘Billing History’ page of your new OVO online account. As this missing statement is really important to show the final balance on your SSE account, we’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to flag this. 


Don’t forget to pop back with an update once things are back on track. 

I recently moved to OVO from SSE and my credit balance has yet to be migrated over. I have received my final SSE bill,  despite calling both SSE and OVO to enquire when they will be adding my payment plan credit balance added to my new OVO account I am not getting a straight answer. My final bill has been calculated and I just want the remaining credit to be added to the OVO account. If I owed them money I would be expected to pay immediately. I have been with SSE since 2010 never had any problems and have always paid for my energy by direct debit and have always have been in credit. I have also emailed both SSE and OVO and have yet to receive a response. 

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Hi @Soosie and welcome to OVO,


Sorry there’s been some confusion over the transfer of your credit balance now your account has joined us from SSE. Just to check, have you managed to get yourself logged in to your new OVO online account yet? This should be accessible as soon as your migration is complete and should show your migrated credit balance from your first login.


If you’re not yet able to login, this suggests we’re still in the process of getting things moved over. If it’s been over 2 weeks since you received your OVO welcome pack and you’re still having login or balance issues, we’d recommend getting in touch with our Support Team directly to report this. You can find the best contact channels here.


Hope this helps.

Hi Jess,

Thank you for your prompt response. 

I have been logging into my OVO account for nearly 3 weeks since the move from SSE as instructed in my welcome email. As yet my migrated balance is not showing. I have been in touch with customer services who have escalated my balance query but cannot put a time frame on when the migration will be complete. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later. 

Thank you. 

Utterly chaotic. Pushed from SSE to OVO and back, each saying the other is responsible. Final statement from SSE shows a substantial credit but OVO are insisting it’s a debit. Both companies have excessively long wait times on phone lines and now OVO hassling me about so-called unpaid bill BUT IT’S INCORRECT. A plague on both their houses. 


Didn’t ever ask to be moved to OVO - zero notification just moved all my data to a new bunch without asking my consent. Useless - both companies. 


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Hi @Helen9926

Sorry to hear about your situation. I don't work for OVO. 

Have you given OVO a copy of the final SSE bill with the credit on?