I think my meter is clocking too fast - How can I test if my high usage is due to a faulty meter?

I think my meter is clocking too fast - How can I test if my high usage is due to a faulty meter?

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HI @fatbloke88, please see Jess’s comment from a month or so back:


Sorry to hear this ones still not been fully resolved, @fatbloke88.


In this case it’s worth responding to the email you’ve received requesting that your complaint is escalated. If our Support Team aren’t able to reach a resolution that you’re happy with, the next stage of our Complaints procedure would be to escalate this to our dedicated Complaints team. At this point your complaint would be assigned to a complaint agent who would be the nominated point of contact as you describe.


From your message over the weekend I can see you’ve got now this assigned to the Complaints team. They wouldn’t want us to advise you any further on this one as they’re the point of contact for you on this issue. 


All the best with this resolution,



Thanks and as I think you can see I’ve been round the ring a few times with this issue, despite the complaints team allegedly handling my complaint, it was closed.I In fact at least two have been closed without notifying me or advising me of the outcome. In essence they were the same complaint. I’m having to spend a lot of time on this issue, far more than I would have expected and it’s draining and distracting from my job.

I will follow up on @Blastoise186 suggestion about historical data but as I think we all agree it’s not likely a faulty meter or theft issue I’m going to be left looking at data suggesting we consumed a large amount of power with no actual evidence as to what, how or why. Very frustrating!

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You recall we were offered daily readings last week or so I think, well despite saying yes and actually chooing the HH option it appears that the meter is still not sending readings through!!


I have entered readings virtually every day since and every day I have lookeds to see the message “we are collecting your readings automatically” and it has not yet appeared..


Ho hum anoyther call to CS and yet another complaint I suppose, not looking good for your stats is it @Jess_OVO@Tim_OVO ??

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@fatbloke88 wrote:

as I think we all agree it’s not likely a faulty meter or theft issue

Erm… I haven’t concluded that you didn’t have a faulty meter when you had to pay OVO hundreds of pounds extra.

Just because us customers haven’t managed to arrive at an explanation for such a sudden jump in consumption doesn’t mean that the meter readings must’ve been correct.

The errors which @Simon1D and I have investigated/evaluated have been accumulative, based on lots of little mistakes and estimates.

That doesn’t match the experience you reported.

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Ive had a list of readings from Ovo since I started with them now and the initial view looks like it supports the billing (yikes).

I am going through it and will post the results as soon as I get them in order. Some initial points though;

I realise we have been through summer and lowest use seaon etc but I am struggling with the consumption volumes for example;

14/03/21 - 02/04/21 it shows an average DAILY read of 51kWh/pd which seems excessively high when NOTHING of substance changed in our usage pattern. I am really struggling to explain this.

The consumption values and readings throughout last year are monthly and therefore more difficult to separate and analyse, they suggest higher than ave usage 10kWh/pd?? but I do run a small business from home.

(strangely there was an “on site” meter read which was seriously wrong by a staggering 2527 kWh!!!)

Comparing this directly to summer I realise is unrealistic, I’m wondering though if others can comment on the apoparent variation and your own seasonal fluctuations? Do ours seem wildly excessive?

I understand that historis usage gathered from some other sources that may (anyone know what/which/how) be used by suppliers to validate consumption based on historical data. Is this correct and do you know if it’s possible to see this data.

I dont know if any of this can be used to challenge our bills or whether I’m chasing smoke but thoughts appreciated either way



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14/03/21 - 02/04/21 it shows an average DAILY read of 51kWh/pd

Is that for electricity, gas or both?

Let’s remember that OVO’s figures should reflect what the meter readings are. They do not rule out a faulty meter.

Electricity only, Gas seems to be okay, despite having had the CH ona lot more during lockdown.


I can’t say it’s not a fault on the meter but I certainly can’t say it is. I’m left looking at readings and bills with apparently no way to see if they are actually a true reflection of our usage… I can’t reconcile the consumption values against our usage though. When we get through this winter maybe there will be some change that allows us to reconcile that difference. :thinking::thinking: But I’m not optimistic about the outcome and I am a bit worried for the future:rolling_eyes: .

On a side note, to reduce our consumption/bills we are considering solar panels, can you guys offer any pointers as to good and bad things to be aware of at all?

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Well I thought I had it sorted (silly me). Spoke to an agent in senior resolutions and then email received and what follows is an extract of mine to Ovo:

Ovo have taken the £250 from the current in credit amount £775 and reduced the positive balance. This is not what I wanted or requested.
Our DD payment has been reduced and in the confirmation email I was advised that we will be £238 in debit at year end Mar 22.
Doesn’t that defeat the objective of point1??
We spent much time discussing and agreeing the errant values on our meter where the values tripled the average consumption between Jan 15 and Jul17 of just 18 kWh/pd were "strange and unaccountable.  
We further discussed how our consumption since Jul 21 to date have averaged 14kWh/pd . 
With that data as the evidentiary base I was asking for a refund of the excess charge of £500 levied in Mar 21.
My reasoning is that no matter what the readings were, there is still a large error being created somewhere which led to the excess usage/settlement charge. 
Felt the need to remake this point again, sorry for CAPS; NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN OUR HOUSE, CONSUMPTION PATTERNS OR IN ANY MATERIAL WAY, that would or could explain the readings/consumption jumping to 3x our normal usage.
What I wanted out if that conversation was:
 1 acknowledgement that the data for reasons unknown to us or Ovo went awry. 


2 agreement to REFUND half of the excess charge £250appx with no detriment to us.
3 that a reduction in the DD based on the historical average of 18kWh/pd be set up.
I believed I was making a fair offer to split the excess charge because I can not prove I didn't use it and Ovo can't prove I did. The readings are I believe erroneous and the data supports both my position and my request.
There was me thinking I’d made the point as per @Simon1D above and had resolved the issue. As I say, silly me eh?? 
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Polite words fail me at this point, @fatbloke88 

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External verification may be useful I certainly agree, there is no way I can think of to retrospectively look at the meter to check historical data and see if it was accurate. Is that correct, based on the fact that the SM does not actually keep a record of all previous readings??

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I would be delighted if someone can convince me otherwise, but I have never seen evidence that a smart meter/comms hub stores anything other than usage. It can report the current meter reading when asked (obviously) but not, apparently, past readings.

(FWIW, that does seem to me like a flaw in the design of the smart meter infrastructure, but that one’s definitely not Ovo’s fault.)

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@fatbloke88 wrote:

Spoke to an agent in senior resolutions…

Ah! Well there’s two problems there:

a: You’re trying to speak to OVO on the telephone - a communication method for which they are able to retain a recording, but you are most likely not. I think your case is too complex to discuss in a ‘live’ call.

b: You really should have a single named manager assigned to your case, rather than an ‘agent in senior resolutions’.

This very public discussion has indicated historic errors in your account for which you have paid out real money. That shouldn’t be happening whilst @Simon1D has been going to great lengths to demonstrate that there are software errors within the Billing System, which is still under active development in-house.

If we were discussing technicalities of EV chargers or Heat pumps, then I would understand why those matters could only be handled by a senior manager with technical skills.

After all, if you look at the make-up of OVO Energy’s Board, they’re predominately from a business/finance background, rather than technical.

BUT… this IS a financial issue!

It needs to go straight to the Directors because it has serious implications for the way in which the company is able to provide customers with accurate bills.

Trying to resolve your particular account, @fatbloke88 by using a Senior Resolution Agent isn’t actually addressing the underlying issue.

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Sorry to see the discussion is still continuing here and that you haven’t got this resolved, @fatbloke88 - to state the obvious, no one here has access to your OVO account or meter data, so the forum really isn’t well placed to offer anything beyond what has already been said. 


I just need to quickly step in, as there’s some misadvice unfortunately. If that complaint is with a resolution specialist, that means it's already been escalated to a manager, and has been escalated to the next (and final) point internally. I’m confident this team of experts will offer a fair resolution to your complaint. If you’re not happy with the resolution when it’s submitted to you, the next stage is a deadlock letter and the Ombudsman. Full process outlined here


More generally, I’d like to remind everyone that we don’t know the issue here, or if Simon’s observations around usage estimation (not billing) relate to this. I’m going to suggest that it’s not accurate to suggest otherwise without having access to anything other than forum comments. Our guidelines are in place to try and avoid potentially misleading advice (full T&Cs here), but we’d prefer not to have to remove posts given that I’m sure the comments were made with the best intentions. 


Let’s keep this online space full of facts, and everyone benefits. 




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Oh wow, those are some pretty random readings! And I very much doubt this to be caused by a bug in MyOVO.

At this stage, I can only guess it’s possibly one or more of these causes:

  • A faulty meter - which is a potential one that a Creep Test might reveal and potentially confirm via a Meter Accuracy Test. The Support Team can offer guidance on this
  • You’re using more electricity than you expected on some days, and less than expected on others. Are you absolutely certain no-one has left the washing machine on all day?
  • Weather? If you’ve had the Air-Conditioning on full blast recently, this may explain the spikes. We’ve been in a heatwave after all!
  • You have a faulty appliance or device somewhere in your home
  • Your devices aren’t as energy efficient as you thought they were
  • Someone has tampered with your supply and is leeching from your supply to steal/abstract electricity from the National Grid without your knowledge - I don’t think this is likely because the spikes aren’t that high. But if you’re definitely certain that you’re not using that much eco juice, then I can’t rule this out. If you suspect energy theft, then I strongly recommend contacting OVO immediately.

It seems your meter is currently in Daily Mode at least, which is providing some context. But regardless of the cause, this is definitely worth getting checked out just in case.

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how soon can i receive my replacement monitor?


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hi all

from an average of 15kwh per day my E usage has jumped to 30kwh pd. i can find no logical explanation for this increase. i have gone through the house and checked plugs etc are turned off but am struggling to find a cause. i dont have an inhome monitor attached to my smart meter atm (awaited) so can’t see when the usage is at it’s highest.


anyone noticed a sudden jump and found out why?





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Hi @fatbloke88 and welcome to the OVO online community.


Sounds like you’ve already got to the bottom of the issue, thanks to the great advice of our community volunteer, @Blastoise186 as well as the Support Team.


Not sure where you’ve taken these usage figures from but if you’re looking at the usage pages of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) - it’s always worth checking that they are based on actual readings rather than estimates if you do notice a change. Sounds like your meters are currently going through their remote upgrade so hopefully the information you’re getting here is about to get a whole lot more accurate.


Let us know how it goes - we love to hear of our members journey from S1 to S1+ (as we call it), and of course are happy to help here if you’ve got any more questions! :relaxed:

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shocked now!!!:open_mouth:  Just checked the meter

pressed “9” on the keypad - IMP KWH shows an increase of 2585 units since last read on 14/07/21

Please explain this to me, that means a cost of over £400 in 6 days OVO WTH is going on? My consumption over the last 6 weeks upto last official meter read has been circa 15 KWH per day

Please tell me I’ve pressed the wrong button or misread the meter or some other logical explanation. All usage data taken from my OVO usage page and the meter itself.


HELP please



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Thanks. Based on this, it looks like your meter has passed the Creep Test and that rules out any obvious meter faults. Creep Tests aren’t quite as accurate, powerful or in-depth as a full Meter Accuracy Test, but they are quicker to do and you don’t have to pay the £150 to do one. In this case, I think it’s safe to say that you probably won’t need a MAT.

However… Something does seem weird and the puzzle remains unsolved. If your meters weren’t currently being migrated to DCC, it may have been possible to flip them to Half-Hourly Mode and then used the data to try and locate the culprit more easily. But that’s not possible right now if your meters haven’t yet reconnected and this seems like an awful lot of eco juice being recorded as passing through the meter.

And if your meters aren’t currently talking to OVO, this technically eliminates any bugs in OVO’s platform as being the culprit.

If it’s not a meter fault that’s causing such high usage and you’re absolutely certain that you’re not using all this energy, the possibility of energy theft on the basis of someone else leeching/tapping into your supply to steal electricity from the grid and make you pay for it does become a little more likely. I’ll see if @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO can think of any other possible reasons to explain this one, but I think you’ll almost certainly want to chat with the Support Team again and ask for help with investigating the issue.

For your safety, please don’t touch any wires, cables or anything else related to your supply or meter in the meantime. It’s possible that an engineer might need to visit to see if they’re able to solve this puzzle, but I can’t think of any other obvious solutions right now.

I hope that’s OK with you.

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(my bad - the reply that I thought had got lost is here, on a new page in the thread. Competence? I’ve heard of it...)

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Latest meter read after a normal day with 2ppl both WFH

Time -16:05:56 = 57903.1 that means usage of 19.1 in 22 hours so just under 21units in a 24 hour period

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WOAH!!! Hold on a second…

2.3 kWh?!?!?! That’s like… a small factory… There’s practically no way that you could gobble up that much power in an average home. @fatbloke88 could you ask the Support Team to arrange a Meter Accuracy Test please? It might be worthwhile after all.

I will admit that it’s not cheap, but something doesn’t seem right and the Creep Test alone is only one possible indicator. £150 is nothing compared to an even bigger bill. And if OVO agrees that the meter is faulty, you’ll not only get the £150 back, but you’ll also get re-billed and OVO will try to figure out how much energy you actually used and refund the rest. On top of that, the meter will also be replaced for free because once a meter is confirmed as inaccurate, it cannot be left in service.

I don’t think you’ve got much to lose at this rate.

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No worries.

The only other possible factor that would make sense is whether you’ve got Storage Heaters or Air-Conditioning going overtime, but I’m pretty sure you’d notice because your house would almost certainly become the Sahara Desert or the North Pole if that was the case.

But I have one last theory that I am not particular confident about, but I guess I may as well play this Joker Card anyway.

What sort of spec are your computers and what sort of programs do you run on them? In particular, do you have really powerful hardware and do you use it for things like cryptocurrency mining? I won’t judge you if you do, this is just to see if I can figure out some clues here. And my other question… What Anti-Virus do you use on those computers? I know this sounds like a really weird question, but I’ll explain why later. And there really is a method to my madness… :)

Also, do you run anything that’s kinda distributed computing related? Such as:

  • SETI @ Home
  • Folding @ Home
  • Archive Team Warrior
  • Anything related to these sorts of projects

Don’t worry if you can’t tell me the exact details, especially if the workloads are private for some reason. I just want to see if there’s anything about your computers that could potentially be gobbling up tons of super green eco juice. Even a rough idea will definitely help there.

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I realise you cant comment in detail on a public forum so I’d like to ask that you get your seniors to review your processes in relation to dealing with issues that are not fully resolved at the point of origin. Might be worth considering a single point of contact, a dedicated number (pref direct dial) to the nominated point of contact. may be worth aligning processes and staff to respond within 24 hours to info requests from said point of contact and having the ability to “pull” knowledgeable resources into the conversation and solution at short notice.


Sorry to hear this ones still not been fully resolved, @fatbloke88.


In this case it’s worth responding to the email you’ve received requesting that your complaint is escalated. If our Support Team aren’t able to reach a resolution that you’re happy with, the next stage of our Complaints procedure would be to escalate this to our dedicated Complaints team. At this point your complaint would be assigned to a complaint agent who would be the nominated point of contact as you describe.


I hope this information is helpful in getting the matter sorted. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! Based on the current data, the spikes are going to make your meter record roughly 220.8kWh p/d too… That’s just impossible!

Even Norton Crypto surely isn’t that CPU/GPU intensive to be gorging on 200+ kWh a day… Right? Norton is a terrible Anti-Virus product anyway and either Bitdefender or Kaspersky are way better (and they’re also completely against including cryptomining in their products) but unless you’ve got a bunch of PC’s with Norton products installed and mining away like crazy (for literally no benefit!), that still wouldn’t fully explain the spikes.

I’m also pretty sure almost all household devices and appliances would never really gobble up that much power, since they’d probably break down if they did.

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I’m talking to the support team and whilst I am can anyone else share consumption values or shed light on this pattern;

It looks very random to me, the overnight consumption goes down 10Kwh from one night to the next, is there something I should be looking at?





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Thanks @Jess_OVO I will consider that as a next step, just to update you and the latest reads suggest consumption between 08:15 - 16:29 today of only 3.5Kwh..:thinking:

The total consumption since the last official value on my account page on 14/7/21 suggests a total consumption of 33.9 Kwh over virtually 8 days.

Can anyone suggest any kind of reason behind this seemingly random consumption values and the wildl fluctuations I started this thread with?

@Jess_OVO do you think there’s any point in the meter test with these values? I have contacted the customer team, sent the email with a load of read data and photographs of the latest meter reads.

There’s a delay in responding from them atm so I’ll keep you guys appraised of any developments.

I really am very confused by this and I dont know what to trust or in all honesty who to talk to. Thanks for reading.