I'm PAYG with SSE - How and when will the £66 Energy Bills Support Scheme grant be paid to key prepayment customers?

  • 7 October 2022
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My granddaughter is on a key meter; as she’s a tenant she didn’t know her supplier but we discovered from the interwebby that it’s SSE. So she registered as their customer. When’s the grant arriving and how?


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Hi @alexmac ,

I’m one of the forum volunteers.

Your granddaughter should get a voucher every month to use to top-up the key with, but the account must be in her name first. If she has simply used the key provided by her landlord or a previous tenant, then she doesn’t have a proper account and will need to set one up - as well as getting her own key.

Please contact SSE to make sure her account is set up properly and they’ll be able to assist with EBSS delivery as well.

Dear Blastoise ; thank you for replying - especially as in your Pokémon character disguise you must be very busy zapping security bugs.

Useful of you to stress the need for tenants with pre-pay keys, many of whom won’t be registered nor even know who their supplier is, to ensure they do register. I find it interesting that the energy companies have not been more pro-active on this, as I’m sure that many keymeter users will be as uninformed as my granddaughter is. But then I guess that it’s not in their interests to give away money; or am I being cynical?


However, that wasn’t really my question. I found that it was quite tricky to establish first, how to determine her supplier, then having done that, to register.  but, having already done that, as I said in my original post;

- ” So she registered as their customer”…

it was even trickier to establish

-“When’s the grant arriving and how?”

Your use of the word “should” is interesting but I asked “how”; email? Snail mail?” A courier? Carrier pigeon?  Bank transfer would be easiest, but despite her registering online, with an email and phone number, SSE didn’t ask for bank detail!

so we wait in breathless anticipation!

now you can get back to being a big zapping Turtle; g to hanks anyway. 

I just wish she was with OVO as in my own experience they are great. But they ain’t taking on SSE punters at present according to the blink on their website, sadly 

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Gotcha. As your granddaughter is on a key meter, she’ll get vouchers to use in a shop around the first couple of weeks each month - but she must be the accountholder first!

As for getting her onto OVO, don’t worry - it will happen soon! She’s probably going to be migrated over within six to eight months, but I would recommend considering switching to Pay Monthly with SSE before the migration if possible. :)

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And yep, I get up to tons of mischief. Can’t talk about most of it sadly, but I will admit that I’ve crashed OVO’s stuff once or twice as a result. XD

Thanks; SSE have now got a message on their website (appeared since I first did the research and admin; that’s what grand dads are for) promising to send vouchers by post on the 11th of each month. Thus answering my Q.

The catch? They’ll only be valid 90 days and you have to produce ID to use ‘em. So if (like GD) you have inherited separate supplier accounts for gas on Direct Debit, and lekky on a key, and unless you live in a mansion, you’ll struggle to spend £400 on electric in six months? I don’t, even at the new prices, and we live in a 4-bed gaff. 

whereas OVO, bless ‘em , have already bunged me the 66 quid into my bank account; no strings attached!

I better get the GD signed up for a credit account; yet another bleddy hour or two on the interwebby or on a Bot-chat!

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There’s a trick for that which I know I can share with you. I’ve verified this as being permitted.

As soon as you get the first voucher, feel free to redeem it onto the electric key as soon as possible, then transfer the credit over to the meter as you normally would. Keep doing so until the meter gets a bit too full to continue accepting further credit.

Once you hit the limit, keep redeeming vouchers onto the key but don’t transfer the credit to the meter until you run it down enough. You can store several top-ups on the key at once, as long as you keep the total balance on it below £200 at a time. The meter can store £250 at once, so there should be enough capacity between the two to accept the entire £400.

Just make sure to transfer credit to the meter as soon as possible! If you lose the key with lots of credit on it, you’ll be in big trouble!

If you balance it just right, you should be able to use up all the vouchers before they expire. Credit stored on the key doesn’t expire either, because otherwise you’d lose your money!

Can you please tell us where the electric grant for this month is?

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Hey @Clareviner,


Can you confirm whether you are Boost or OVO?


Energy Bills Support Scheme- How will this be paid by OVO.


Energy Bills Support Scheme- How will this be paid by Boost.


Hope this helps. 

We have been waiting for nearly 2 weeks now for the credit to be put on the meter we had no trouble with the first £66 


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Hey @Clareviner,


Sorry for the issues you’re having, 


Taken from the Boost Energy website: 


*If you top up with a smart Pay As You Go meter We’ll add your monthly discount straight to your electricity smart meter as a credit in the first week of each month.

We’ll get in touch from October to confirm each time we’ve added the credit. If we’re unable to apply the discount to your meter, we’ll send a voucher to you in the post, which can be redeemed at your local PayPoint shop.

If you top up with a traditional Pay As You Go meter You'll receive vouchers by post within 11 working days of the 1st of each month.*


As it’s exceeded both timeframe’s I'd advise contacting Support. It may be if you are traditional PAYG, the vouchers are delayed due to the postal strikes. But it’d be worth making sure they’ve been sent out. 


Hope this helps. 

Hello I have been going round in circles now about my £66 being credited to my meter the first month we had no trouble with it. No we can’t get through to anyone to sort it out. I am not paying £3.60 minute to talk to someone it’s nothing to do with a postal strike so can someone out there help because this forum nonsense is a waste of time there is nothing wrong with our metres because we can top up from our bank account so where is the £66 credit please 

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Have you tried boost chat ? @Clareviner 

Yes I have can I have a phone number that I can ring to speak to someone 

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This is on the link that Emmanuelle gave. An 0330 number shouldn’t cost you £3.60 a minute to call. This is what google says:

To call an 0330 number from your mobile it will cost you the same as calling a local number that starts with the area codes '02' and '01'

Thanks I will try the number now 

I have tried the number you gave me no joy I am really really frustrated and very angry now I can’t believe that I can’t get to speak to someone not a computer generated robot

I am going to make another comment, no we have been with SSE boost whatever you like to call it. I can’t understand why I can’t talk to a human being to try and resolve this problem. It is unbelievable that I can’t speak to anyone. I am very very fed up frustrated and very very angry. They are quick enough to take my money office to top up for the gas and the electric and I cannot believe that I can’t speak to anyone.

Well still waiting for a response so what’s going to happen now the bosses of the company are getting richer getting richer of the money. The government has give SOCO bookstore, whatever you like to call it. 

Let me a Motors getting poorer so what’s happening that I want my £66 on my meter

all this rubbish 

postal strikes 

Total  rubbish 

clareviner im having same issues with sse smAart meter , octobers one went on fine but nov we still waiting , keep getting told wait 11 days , its suppose to credit straight to meter so no idea why we waiting ,  we are on emergency credit now its goinna go off tomorrow and thats it ive no way of topping up this week at all as dont get paid till next week 

So why have there stopped put credit on the payment meter then when ovo boost must have 

none there was a postal strike coming god sake people are struggling paying for their electricity and gas come on ovo get your act together not blame someone else most people have email or text them or a smart phone 

Going to have a rant again is anyone from ovo looking at these comments apart from the poor 


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There are always at least two OVO staff who read basically everything posted to the forum. They’re around on weekdays between roughly 8:30am to 6pm but it varies depending on what’s going on. They sometimes stop by outside of those times if there’s a valid reason.

Well can you tell me where is my £66 for this month then because its nearly a full month now we haygone with out this top up ??????????

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You need to contact support for account specific issues like this one. We can’t access your account from here.

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Hey @Clareviner,


Sorry for the issues you’re having. 


I’m afraid we can only answer general queries and can’t access customer accounts.


You’ll need to contact Boost Energy Support for this one. You can find out more about their complaint procedure here


Hope this helps.