I have an Economy 10 meter but you don't have a tariff to match it - why?

  • 11 July 2017
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Hi - I had just purchased a property with a dual meter and is currently on an OVO economy 10 tariff.
I see from your website that economy 10 tariff is no longer available - is this currently the case?
Is the dual meter installed suitable for Economy 10 and Economy 7 tariffs?
Should I be looking at Economy 7 tariffs across all service providers as the preferred option to suit the dual meter?
Is a dual meter the best option as there is no gas supply and storage heaters are the only source of heating.?
Are smart meters available for dual meters?

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8 replies

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Welcome to your new home and to OVO!


Some great questions to ask about your Economy 10 meter and the compatible plans we offer for these type of dual rate meters. Whilst you’re right that we don’t offer a specific Economy 10 plan, the Economy 7 plan is our dual rate plan. This offers you cheaper unit rates during the off-peak timings which are registered on your meter. Effectively if you have a meter which is setup to offer 10 hours off-peak usage, this would be honored on the Economy 7 plan.


Economy 10 plans aren’t offered by all suppliers, so if you’d like to research other options it’s best to check whether there’s a tariff to suit your meter directly with other prospective suppliers. As you mentioned you’ve got storage heaters installed these are usually designed to take advantage of the cheaper, off-peak rates and tend to be the most cost-effective type of plans for this heating system. As a general rule if you’re using more than 35% of your energy overnight an Economy 7 plan is a better option than a standard single rate plan.

Great to hear that you’re interested in going smart. We do offer dual-rate smart meters however if you choose to go for this option bear in mind that the off-peak schedule for our smart meters only offer your 7 hours of off-peak usage. See what off-peak time schedule our smart meters offer here.


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Does OvO do Eco 10? I know they do Eco 7. If they do are the prices different?
Good question, @Bara-Bus

I've moved your query into this topic as you'll hopefully find the answers here!

Good question, @Bara-Bus

I've moved your query into this topic as you'll hopefully find the answers here!


I never ever want a smart meter.
Also their not smart as no-one here can connect to them unless your within 50 feet.
Plus they are potential hazard to people a little stressed as it increases the heart rate as & when they look at them. If they are really stressed they'd be trying to save all the pennies when it's not worth the stress.
I'm one of these people. Just want the price of electricity to be the same for everyone.
This sets a dangerous precedent... What your saying is Eco 10 is being scrapped? If so how are people with desperate needs like myself going to keep warm if on a Eco 7 tariff? Electric is so much better than gas, this also seems to be forcing people to use gas?
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We're not scrapping Economy 10 tariffs, @Bara-Bus, as we don't offer a plan specifically for Economy 10 at the moment.

When an Economy 10 customer comes on supply with us, their off peak and peak times remain the same. The rates would just be based on our Economy 7 tariff.

We recently moved into an over sixties apartment block. The apartment has economy ten. Our fellow homeowners recommended we change our energy supplier to Ovo. We signed up to a two year fixed tariff and were given a monthly price of £65 per month. After the first month our reading showed £84. We know that OVO do not currently support economy ten but we understand we should be benefiting from economy seven but not sure if we are. We have tried to use appliances at off peak times and the heating has not been on over the August period. Our meter number is: DO8W606589.
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Hey @Brendap, we've had a few customer asking about this so I've moved your post onto this topic. Check out Tim's "Best Answer" for more information!