I have an absolute nightmare of a wrong reading problem

  • 25 January 2023
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I'm having a bit of a nightmare and I just spoke to customer service but I'm not at all sure the correct information was conveyed because the responder didn't seem to understand what I was asking. I just got sent an absolutely enormous bill for usage that is impossible—the heating was off most of the December. The problem is that my letting agency gave me the wrong meter information, and I've been sending in reading for the meter that actually serves the flat next door. This means that I've been giving faulty meter reading since I moved in, in February of 2020. I have an email from SSE (who held the account before OVO took it over) from February of 2020 with the correct meter read, taken by one of the staff. My usage over the last three years is much lower than what I am being charged for. I don't know what to do to rectify this—I have a picture of my current read, and this official email from SSE in 2020. I'm currently facing a 579 pound bill for gas I did not use. Customer service seems to just want to update my meter read to the number on the correct meter, which to add insult to injury is slightly higher than the wrong meter. 


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Hey @beatleyamc,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


For a scenario like this OVO’s process would be to request a photo of the correct meter displaying the meter read. Then we’d ask for several subsequent meter readings to be able to gauge your typical usage and re-estimate your previous bills.


I’d advise contacting SSE Support with all of the information you have and request a re-bill. Do the letting agents have any previous reads that are correct? 


Hope this helps. 

Thank you, this is excellent advice—I have a historic reading taken by SSE which they sent me in an email, it’s from February 5th 2020, right after I moved in. So it basically charts my entire usage. Unfortunately I spent 4 hours on the phone with 4 different people at OVO yesterday, and none of them seem to understand what I’m telling them—they requested a picture of the correct meter, updated their system which increased the bill, and called it a day. Asking for a re-bill is a possibility?

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You can always give them a link to this thread with the advice you have been given

That can sometimes help.

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Hey @beatleyamc,


OVO wouldn’t be responsible for re-billing you for the time you were with SSE, you’ll need to contact SSE Support for this. 


We are responsible for your billing from the point you migrated over, so you’ll need to check the meter readings on your opening statement with OVO. If these are out of line with the actual meter readings on the correct meter you’ll need to contact Support and request we raise a read dispute. In order to do so, we need two sets of meter readings, two weeks apart. We have a guide about this topic you may find helpful:



We’ll then go back to the industry and SSE and propose a new estimate based on your actual usage. 


Unfortunately, we can only correct your billing from the time you’ve been with OVO. Anything prior to this date will need to be resolved with SSE. 


Hope this helps.