I am still waiting for government voucher

  • 19 March 2023
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I am a new customer of OVO and am having issues trying to get them to apply the government payment every month to my smart meter.  I have been pushed from pillar to post with this and it has not been helping my mental health having to deal with so many people.  All I have been asking for was a direct payment, not a voucher that I cannot use anywhere.  If anyone could help me I would be so appreciative

2 replies

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Not much we can do here I’m afraid as we can’t access your account. Try as your next option

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Hey @Amme,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


You’ll need to contact Support for this issue, it sounds like you are with OVO PAYG or Boost Energy. Both have a webchat option.


I’d also advise getting added to our Priority Services Register, we can offer a number of additional services which may be of interest to you.


Hope this gets resolved as soon as possible.