How to login to OVO's online account after being moved from SSE?

  • 3 September 2021
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After being moved from SSE which I didn’t have an online account. Does anyone know how to sign up for OVO account.


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Hey there @MickDigger , welcome to the OVO Forum! :)

There is indeed a way to do this. If you had an online account with SSE before the migration, the easiest way to set up MyOVO is to attempt to login to SSE first and then follow the prompts to convert your SSE online account into a new one for MyOVO. This should work in most cases and will also archive the old account once completed, but you’ll be able to retrieve your data from the archives for up to six months afterwards. However, this will only work if you had an online account set up with SSE, so probably not in your case.

I think I’ve got a solution though. Can you give the First-Time Logging In process a try? This should pick up your account correctly, provided you use the same email address that was on file with SSE and will hopefully get the show on the road within a few minutes. If you’ve tried that and can’t get it to work, OVO’s excellent Support Team will be happy to help. As well as the usual contact options, there’s also a special dedicated phone number for anyone who needs help with anything related to the migration. That number is 0345 0260 712 and it’ll get you straight to the right team.

Just for anyone else who discovers this thread later on, I’ve edited this post to (hopefully!) answer a few other related questions too. But if you’re still unsure, please feel free to ask and we’ll try to help!

Once your account has migrated from SSE to OVO, you’ll have around six months to log into your old SSE online account to retrieve all your old bills and basically everything that’s in there if you wish. Please take this opportunity to download/export and back up everything you wish to keep as it will be your last chance to do so before the old account is sent to the underground vaults! Once the six month grace period runs out, you’ll no longer be able to log into the old account at all and it will be locked out.

You’ll also no longer be able to use the My SSE app once you’re with OVO, but never fear! You’ll now have an even better one! The OVO Energy app for Android and iOS has all the features you’re used to with the My SSE app - including the newly added ability to scan meter readings with your phone’s camera (hot off the press!) - and a few new ones. The login details are the same for both MyOVO and the OVO Energy apps. You may wish to delete the My SSE app from your phone as well to save some storage and battery, since it will no longer work for you once you’re with OVO.

And the final one… Where to login!

You can get to MyOVO at anytime by going to and login from there. Feel free to bookmark it too!

Hope this helps, we’ll be here if you have any other questions.

Welcome to OVO! :sunglasses:

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Welcome to OVO! How are you finding the change from SSE?


Great question, it’s one of the FAQs, see the full list here


When can I access my OVO online account? 


Quick and easy to set up, an online account makes managing and paying for energy simple. Once the move to OVO is complete, we’ll get in touch to let customers know they can set up their online account. If you had an online account with SSE, you can set up your account with the same email address here.


If you haven’t registered an email address on your energy account before, we’ll ask you to confirm a few more details before you set your password.


Don’t forget to pop back and let us know when you’ve managed to get logged in - We’re always on hand here to help you get to grips with using your new online account! :blush:

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

I will try phoning.

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No worries! MyOVO is custom built and gets updates and improvements constantly, so you will definitely see things come and go over time. If you ever spot any bugs, you’re more than welcome to report them either here on the forum or via the Support Team anytime.

Just as a heads up, it may take a few hours for MyOVO to provision your account features after you first activate your online account, so it might be a bit shaky for the first day or so. This should all settle down once the server hamsters are up to speed. OVO used to use gnomes and later goblins to power the servers, but they kept escaping and causing havoc for some reason, no idea why! :rofl:

But yeah, since they’ve been replaced with hamsters, things have been a lot more stable. :joy: