How to get OVO to pay the goodwill payment they promised on March

After OVO didnt pay my 3rd quarter FiT payment and did t respond to email queries about the missed payment I eventually had to involve the Energy Ombudsman and the payment was made. In late March this year I received an email apology from OVO for the unacceptable service levels, an undertaking to improve those services and a goodwill cheque for £60.

I have never received the payment and emails are being ignored, again.

Do OVO think if they ignore people they will just go away?

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Please call 0330 303 5063 for this one. They’ll sort you out. It’s option 4 if prompted.

That's exactly the same answer I got when I first came on here to try and get my FiT payment.

I tried ringing that number numerous times. The couple of times it was answered within 30+ minutes, I was cut off shortly after. 

It doesn't fill you with much confidence when OVO don't appear to be able to post out a 'goodwill' cheque that they promised would reach me within 10-15 working days from 24 March. It perhaps shows that little 'goodwill' towards customers seems to exist.