How does my online account calculate my estimated usage figure after exactly 12 months?

  • 17 April 2022
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I am wondering about what the estimated yearly use will say after exactly the first 12 months with ovo. 

Is it the actual usage i have consumed in the previous 12 months or does ovo try and do anything clever and tweak the actual usage number to come up with the estimated yearly use? 

I am about a week away from my first 12 months



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4 replies

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Happy OVO-versary, @Jeffus


Was this screenshot taken from your ‘Plan’ page? Let us know the exact location on the app you found this figure and I’ll check with the team how we calculate this once we’ve got a full years usage info. 😊

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On the plan page and the renewals. Same on each. About a week away from renewal. 



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Happy sunny Thursday, @Jeffus 🌞


Back with a bit of an explanation from the team on that annual usage figure,


So if we have 12 months of smart reads the figure will be based on that data. If we less than 12 months smart meter usage data, we use Industry data to fill in the gaps to estimate an entire year. We’re planning  to improve this calculation, so in future we’d use forward-looking data as well as past data, watch this space. 👀


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@Jess_OVO makes sense.

The estimated fugues are  different from my actual usage for the 12 months and i wondered why.

The usage figure on the top of the renewal page is also a bit strange, for some reason it doesn't include a few days usage from last April although it is updating every day with this April data. Perhaps it doesn't include old partial months data. Not a big deal, just means you have to be careful reading the various ovo figures